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The Best National Parks to Visit in the Southwest

HomeWellnessThe Best National Parks to Visit in the Southwest

The United States boasts one of the most expansive, beautiful, and incredible national parks systems in the entire world. From the woods of Maine to the mountains of the Pacific Northwest and everywhere in between there are thousands and thousands of acres of preserved land showcasing the diverse and beautiful landscapes of the United States of America. The Southwest is a region of the country that is often overlooked for natural vistas, but is one of the most impressive natural regions in the world. Here are three of the best national parks to visit in the southwest for stunning views and natural wonders.

Arches National Park

The first of the incredible national parks to visit in the American Southwest is the remarkable Arches National Park. Located just to the north of Moab, Utah, Arches National Park showcases the largest collection of natural sandstone arches anywhere in the world. The stunning orange and yellow sweeping desert vistas combined with the massive sandstone arches and pillars creates a truly unique visual landscape that is tough to beat. Feeling more like an alien planet right out of a Sci-Fi movie, Arches National Park is a beauty that should not be missed.

Saguaro National Park

Another can’t miss national park to visit in the American Southwest is the Saguaro National Park. Saguaro National Park is located outside of Tucson, Arizona, and is a desert oasis that will remind you of your favorite cowboy films. This national park is named for the saguaro cactuses all over the land. These cactuses can grow to lofty heights, even as high as fifty feet tall. The Saguaro National Park is also an incredibly hot and arid desert, regularly posting high temperatures of over 100 degrees in the summers. This national park is probably best visited during the winter months, when cooler temperatures prevail.

Joshua Tree National Park

Rounding out our list of the best national parks to visit in the Southwest is the incomparable Joshua Tree National Park. Joshua Tree is located about hours’ drive outside of Los Angeles, California, where the Mojave and Colorado desert areas meet, providing a range of diverse ecosystems punctuated by the ever-present Joshua trees. These trees come in a variety of shapes and sizes, featuring branches of varying lengths with prickly, green spines on the ends. For that reason, Joshua Tree can feel like a location straight from a Doctor Suess book!

National parks are one of the many incredible things about the United States. The Southwestern region of the US is often overlooked as a national park destination, even though it boasts some of the most unique and engaging landscapes anywhere in the world. Check out these three national parks to see the best the Southwest has to offer.

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