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Grooming Your Pet At Home: 6 Steps You Need To Follow

HomeWellnessGrooming Your Pet At Home: 6 Steps You Need To Follow

A new haircut or salon grooming can help humans look nice, presentable, and attractive for special occasions. On the other hand, grooming our pets is critical to keep them healthy and happy.  

It may not be possible every time to take your pet to a professional groomer, but grooming your pet at home can be a simple, fun, and pleasurable way to care for and bond with your pet while saving tons of time and money. 

Do you want to have that expensive pet salon look at the home? 

Grooming your pet is not as difficult as you may think. Follow these six steps to achieve success. 

Six Steps for Pet Grooming at Home 

Have you ever picked up your pet after a grooming appointment and wished you could get the same excellent results at home?  

Of course, your professional groomer is an expert, but with the right attitude and materials, you can help your dog look his best at all times. 

Also, with these simple steps on grooming your dog or cat at home, you can avoid hairballs and excessive shedding issues.  

Get Your Tools Ready 

Gather all necessary items and pet grooming tools and keep them in a convenient place. They should include the following equipment: 

  • Towels 
  • Scissors 
  • Sponge or a washcloth 
  • Towels made of paper 
  • Medicated shampoo 
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste  
  • A pair of pet nail clippers 
  • Blow dryer nail file 
  • Pet’s brush and comb 

If your dog is allergic or having itching issues, consider a quality medicated dog shampoo. Moreover, if your dog’s coat requires trimming or untangling, include clippers and a dematter as well. It’s a unique grooming tool for long-haired and double-coated pet breeds, breaking up mats and removing complicated knots. Instead of physically pulling at the coat or cutting the hair, a dematter is designed to pick away at mats. 

Choose the Right Location 

Decide whether a sink, bathtub, or shower is the ideal area to bathe your pet. 

The location is essential for both your and your pet’s comfort. Ensure you choose a place with a flat surface where you may work with your dog/cat before and after the wash.  

If you don’t have a grooming table, you can easily use any table or different work areas like a laundry room or bathroom for small pet breeds.  

It’s preferable to deal with larger species in an area with plenty of room, like an open balcony, backyard, or terrace. 

Make Sure Your Pet is Ready 


Next, a crucial step before grooming is familiarizing your pet with the entire grooming procedure. Considering that pets dislike being groomed in general, you must first soothe your pet before beginning any grooming session.  

You can start by keeping the grooming time short and rewarding pets with a treat after it’s over. Try not to constrain them too much, and if they show signs of stress or discomfort, stop and try the next day again. You can even groom them after taking them for a long stroll at the end of the day. 

Once your pet is all ready and comfortable, start brushing your pet’s coat before grooming, an essential step for all dogs with long hair. If you come across a mat, you can utilize a dematter tool to assist you in removing it. Besides, use a paper towel and a little mineral oil to gently clean inside your pet’s ears. 

Start by Brushing the Teeth 

A clean mouth is necessary for a clean pet, and this procedure should be completed before bathing. Brush the pet’s teeth with toothpaste by elevating one side of their jaws and inserting the toothbrush.  

Start with the outer edges of the teeth towards the back of the mouth and work your way forward. Repeat the same process on the other side of the mouth. Brush the outsides of your pet’s upper and lower front teeth after that.  

Furthermore, clean the insides of your pet’s teeth. This phase is easy when a pet is familiar with the technique. Brushing your pet’s teeth from when you first adopted him equips familiarity. Don’t give up even if you’re experiencing trouble; keep practicing. 

Bathe Your Pet 

Bathing pet at least once every two weeks is a good routine for pet hygiene. More frequent bathing is recommended for pets who spend a lot of time outside or have particular skin issues. Also, consult your pet’s veterinarian to determine what’s best for your dog or cat. 

  • Fill a large tub or sink with 3-4 inches of lukewarm water to get started. 
  • Using a spray hose or an unbreakable cup, thoroughly soak your pet. Make sure you don’t get any spray in their eyes, ears, or nose. 
  • Massage in a medicated dog shampoo or any shampoo specially curated for pets. 
  • As needed, rinse and repeat. Wipe their cheeks, ears, and nose down gently with a moist washcloth. 
  • Pet conditioners are ideal for longer-haired breeds. You can follow them after using a medicated dog shampoo wash.  
  • Turn off the water and gently squeeze out any extra water from your pet’s coat once the shampoo and conditioner are rinsed. 
  • Pat your pet’s fur with a wide towel to dry it off. 
  • Avoid rubbing the towel in circles; this can cause knots in long or curly-coated pets that are difficult to remove later. 

Nail Trimming, Comb, and a Few Final Touches 


After drying your pet’s coat, brush it with the comb best suited to his breed or type. 

Moreover, trim your pet’s nails if you hear a tapping on the ground every time your pet walks. Finally, provide your pet with fresh bedding to sit and sleep. 


Grooming your pet at home does not have to be difficult for you or your pet. It can become a wonderful bonding time with your pet if you make it a routine and keep it structured and systematic. Follow these tips for hassle-free pet grooming at home. Furthermore, you can make the grooming session rewarding by offering treats to your pet, making him comfortable during the entire activity. 

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