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Tucson: A Perfect City for Students for Education and Accommodation

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Tucson is one of the cities, where plenty of international students arrive every year. This is the most populous city in Arizona (USA) after Phoenix. It was founded as a military fort by the Spanish in 1821 A.D. In the present scenario, Tucson is offering quality education to the students alongside the other cities in the USA.

This city is the home to the popular University of Arizona and provides some good places for student housing. The global students can have a comfortable and enjoyable stay here during their years of study.

In the sections below in this article, you will find concise information about the universities & colleges in Tucson as well as what you find in the places of student accommodation Tucson.

Student Accommodation Tucson

Universities & Colleges in Tucson

The major universities and colleges, which have campuses in Tucson, can be read as under:

 University of Arizona
 Pima Community College (university in Pima County with ten campuses in Tucson)
 Arizona State University’s College of Public Service & Community Solutions
 Tucson College
 Brookline College (college in Phoenix with a campus in Tucson)
 University of Phoenix (university in Phoenix with four campuses in Tucson)
 Prescott College (college in Prescott with a campus in Tucson)
 Northern Arizona University (university in Flagstaff with a university branch campus)
 Arizona School of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
 The Art Center Design College
 Wayland Baptist University (university in Plainview, Texas with a campus in Tucson)

The University of Arizona is the oldest one, which was founded in the year 1885. It is also considered the second-largest university in the state in terms of admissions with over 36000 thousand students.

Arizona State University was also founded in the same year, i.e. 1885, but it was founded in Phoenix. We only find its college in Tucson. Northern Arizona University, the university in Flagstaff with a university branch campus in Tucson was another old university, which was founded in the year 1899.

Student Accommodations in Tucson

Tucson comprises student accommodation with a wide range of amenities. There are a number of places for student accommodations in Tucson, among which four popular ones include:
 Cottages at Tucson
 Campus Crossings At Star Pass
 Campus Crossings On 8th Street
 Campus Crossings At University Heights

The students find apartments in all the above-mentioned properties. Campus Crossings at Star Pass offers studios additionally.

In all these properties, students find the things according to their basic as well as luxury requirements. In the studios and apartments, the students get fully equipped kitchens
with all the dining arrangements. There are cooking hobs, microwaves, and ovens for cooking and heating the meals. Besides, there are also the fridges inside the kitchen for
cooling the water, keeping the eatables fresh, and freezing the ice.

Besides, you find a comfortable bed in each accommodation. A television is also provided to the students to facilitate them to watch TV shows, news, music, sports, discovery programs, and a lot more.

The properties also provide storage spaces inside the accommodations. There are wardrobes, in which you can keep and organize your clothes. On the other hand, the
bookshelves can also be found to keep your books and course material. Some other storage spaces can also be found for keeping the other assets.

In addition to all this, a paid Wi-Fi internet connection is also provided to the students, which allows them to complete their projects & assignments and accomplish all other tasks for which internet is required.

In addition to the above-mentioned amenities that are found inside apartments and studios, one can also find a number of other facilities inside the property. Some of these facilities can be read as followed.

 Common Area

The residents of the properties can also meet each other and befriend each other. For allowing the individuals to meet comfortably, a common area has been provided to them
in the properties. This is also a perfect place for the students who want to help each other in their studies also.

 Swimming Pool

The residents can also take a dip in the swimming pool when they want to get a break from their studies.

 Gym

Students can also find a gym for their fitness in some of the properties.

 Games Room

There is more arrangement for the fun of the students in the properties. A games room is provided to the students in some properties, where they can find a pool table as well as the arrangement for some other games.

 Support & Security

In the properties in Tucson, the students also find the support & security staff for their assistance and safety. CCTV cameras are also installed in the places of accommodation to detect all unwanted activities.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned facts make it clear that Tucson is an ideal place for the students for studies as well as accommodations. You can get nitty-gritty data about these aspects on the websites of universities and student accommodation service providers respectively.

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