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Chapter Spitalfields: A Student Accommodation London Strategically near the Universities

HomeEducationalChapter Spitalfields: A Student Accommodation London Strategically near the Universities

If you are looking for student accommodation London, which has studios and apartments near the universities then Chapter Spitalfields is definitely a perfect option. This student accommodation offers a lot of facilities to the individuals according to their present-day needs.

This place of accommodation is worth considering for the students who are going to shift to London for their university education. The fantastic features of the accommodation will entice the individuals.

Here are some of the significant facts about Chapter Spitalfields.

Just 1-Minute to 5-Minutes Walking Distance from Three Prominent Universities

The studios and apartments of Chapter Spitalfields are strategically placed near the universities like Newcastle University London, Coventry University London, and Glasgow Caledonian University London Campus.

The Newcastle University and Coventry University are just within 1 minute of walking distance from the place of Student accommodation London. On the other hand, GCU can be found within 5 minutes walking distance.

The other universities can also be easily reached through the excellent transportation system of London. Liverpool Street Station is the nearest bus station, which can be reached easily within 4 minutes on foot.

Three Types of Accommodations Available

At Chapter Spitalfields, there are three types of accommodations available for international students.

  • Apartments
    The apartments include 4-bed and 2-bed apartments. Both these apartments have different levels. In the 2-bed apartments, you get the levels like Lower Level, Mid Level, Mid Level Premium View, Plus Mid Level Premium View, and Upper-Level Premium View. On the other hand, the 4-bed apartments include Plus Lower Level, Plus Upper-Level Premium View, Plus Penthouse Premium View, and Plus Mid Level Premium View.
  • Ensuite Rooms
    The other types of accommodations available at Chapter Spitalfields are the ensuite rooms. The ensuite rooms here have been categorized into bronze and silver. The bronze ensuite rooms comprise the lower level; whereas, the silver ensuite rooms are classified into the lower level and plus lower level.
  • Studios
    It will not be wrong to say that the studios are becoming the most popular types of accommodations in the United Kingdom with the passage of time. In Chapter Spitalfields also, you find a wide variety of studios.

    These varieties include:
     Silver Studio (Plus Lower Level)
     Silver Studio (Lower Level)
     Bronze Studio (Mid Level Premium View)
     Bronze Studio (Penthouse Premium View)
     Bronze Studio (Upper-Level Premium View)
     Silver Studio Corner (PLUS Lower Level)
     Silver Studio (Lower Level)
     Silver Studio (Mid Level Premium View)
     Silver Studio (Penthouse Premium View)
     Silver Studio (Mid Level Corner Premium View)
     Silver Studio (Upper-Level Premium View)
     Silver Studio (Upper-Level Premium View)
     Diamond XL Studio (Plus Lower Level)
     Loft Studio (Upper-Level Premium View)
     Gold Studio (Plus Lower Level)
     Gold Studio XL (Plus Lower Level)
     One Bed Studio (Plus Upper-Level Premium View)
     One Bed Studio (Plus Penthouse Premium View)
     One Bed Studio (Upper-Level Premium View)
     One Bed Studio (Penthouse Premium View)
     Bronze Studio (Lower Level)
     Silver Studio (Penthouse Corner Premium View)
     Silver Studio (Plus Mid Level Corner Premium View)
     Silver Studio (Upper-Level Corner Premium View)

    Plenty of Amenities in the Property

    At Chapter Spitalfields, students find plenty of amenities, which fulfill their modern needs. Some of the amenities, which you can find here, can be read as under.
  • There is a gym, where you can take care of your fitness.
  • In the laundry room, you can keep your clothes up-to-date.
  • You also find the games room here for your fun and frolic.
  • Cinema is also here for entertainment.
  • You can connect the internet to your laptops and smartphones through Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi connection is payable.
  • The heating facility is also here to keep your room warm. It is also a paid facility.
  • In the kitchen, you find the microwave, cooking hob, and fridge.
  • Some other things you get inside the room are a study table & chair, dishwasher, washing machine, kettle, toaster, and television.
  • There is also a support team available all the time for your assistance.

    Excellent Security Features:

    In addition to the above-mentioned amenities, you find excellent security features, which include:
     CCTV cameras monitor all the activities and detect suspicious activities and persons.
     Secure door entry to keep your belongings secured.
     Contents insurance that provides you cover in case of loss of any content.

    Final Thoughts

    It is for sure that Chapter Spitalfields is a perfect place of accommodation in every aspect for the students from different parts of the world. It offers excellent accommodations with all the modern amenities.

    You can book the Chapter Spitalfields easily through the websites of student accommodation service providers. On these sites, you can find a complete listing of student accommodations available in different cities including London.

    You need to search London in order to reach the page where the accommodations in London are listed. In the list, you will also find Chapter Spitalfields and can read all its details after visiting its page. Just select the booking option and the process of booking will start.

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