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Which Contraception Methods Are the Most Effective?

HomeWellnessWhich Contraception Methods Are the Most Effective?

Managing your reproductive health is an important part of adulthood, and it can make it easier for you to have more control over when and if you start a family. It’s important to make sure that you understand what contraceptives are on the market, and which are most effective. That way you can choose an option that will help you to feel comfortable and secure in your reproductive situation.


One of the most popular types of contraception on the market today is an IUD. With this contraception method, you have an IUD inserted into your uterus. Unlike birth control pills or shots, it is long lasting and stays in your body for several years. An IUD can be removed when you are ready, and will only prevent pregnancy while it is inserted. The procedure can be painful, but it will not need to be repeated for a very long time. If at any point you decide you want to become pregnant, your IUD can be removed and you can start trying for a baby.


Vasectomies are one of the only commonly practiced contraception techniques that are designed for men’s use. A vasectomy is a reversible procedure that prevents potential pregnancies to a high level. Vasectomies have a near 100% success rate at preventing pregnancy. The procedure is generally done outpatient and you can return to your regular activities soon afterward. You do want to wait to have unprotected sex until two months or so after the procedure to ensure that you don’t have a risk for making your partner pregnant.

Birth Control Pills

If you are looking for something less invasive, birth control pills can be pretty effective when they are used appropriately. It is important that you take your birth control every day if you want it to work effectively. Even a single missed dose can make your birth control regiment less effective. Even at its best, birth control pills have about a 91% success rate at preventing pregnancy. Those are pretty good odds, but you may want to use a secondary method to ensure that you will not become pregnant when you aren’t ready.

Contraception is important and can help people to better plan for their futures. This gives you the ability to take control over your reproductive health and take care of your body so you don’t experience an unwanted pregnancy. You can talk through your options with a doctor who can help you to make the right choice for your needs.

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