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How Terrible Online Reviews Can Still Boost Your Sales

HomeBusinessHow Terrible Online Reviews Can Still Boost Your Sales

Although your customers have written bad reviews, you can still use this to your advantage. Negative online reviews are often helpful for you to increase your sales. However, they may also harm your reputation in the eyes of potential customers, whether published by customers or on an online review website like So, if your company receives negative reviews, how do you respond to them?

Below are some strategies to deal with these kinds of reviews. Read on to learn how to use negative reviews to your advantage.

Negative product reviews

Whether you’re a big brand or a small one, responding to negative online reviews is an essential part of running a successful business. Although this response seems counterintuitive, it has positively impacted financial performance. In fact, according to BrightLocal, customers who you resolved quickly are more likely to purchase from you again. In addition, responding to customer complaints is one of the best ways to convey a sense of care and commitment to your brand, which will make your customers think well of you and your company.

A response to a negative review should include acknowledging the reviewer by name, thanking them for their time, and offering to discuss any issues further. Similarly, a response to a positive review should include thanking the customer by name, addressing their concerns, and offering incentives for future purchases. By managing customer concerns in a genuine manner, negative reviews can prove to be a robust sales boost.

Positive online reviews correlate with sales.

A recent study by Spiegel found that a product’s rating is a good indicator of the likelihood of a buyer buying the product. Its presence on a website can improve your sales by as much as 270%, but you should be aware that reviews are not linear. If you get a high-quality product review but not enough negative ones, you risk losing customers to competitors.

Regardless of the source of a negative review, it’s essential to acknowledge that it provides a valuable feedback mechanism. They allow businesses to understand customers’ feelings about their experience and make necessary changes to meet their needs. In addition to improving your product, negative reviews help companies identify problematic brands and address gaps in their product offerings. In particular, single-brand sites that sell a single brand can be more vulnerable to negative reviews – especially those containing poor reviews of products that do not serve their needs.

Negative online reviews can indicate more significant issues.

A negative review can also reveal a more significant problem. For example, a watch manufacturer may have received many negative reviews about its clasp, but they quickly fixed the problem and improved its rating. Similarly, a positive review can help a company improve its messaging, product quality, and marketing efforts. Regardless of the source of the review, negative reviews can help a company improve its business. So, the next time a negative review appears on your website, consider it an opportunity to take action.

Positive online reviews help your brand get more customers. Two-thirds of eCommerce shoppers filter out reviews with a single star, and those shoppers convert at a rate that’s 108% higher than other visitors. And, if you can avoid negative reviews from appearing on your site, the impact can be even more significant. And if your products are based on consumer reviews, they should make it a point to respond as quickly as possible.

Negative customer service reviews

While you might not immediately think of responding to a bad customer service review as a boost to your sales, it may help your company. After all, it’s hard for potential customers to write a bad review if they feel their business is a personal attack. Luckily, responding to a bad review can help you salvage the relationship with the customer. In addition to building confidence with new customers, responding to a negative review shows that you care about your customers.

Even if you receive negative reviews, you should take them as an opportunity to improve your customer service. According to BrightLocal, customers who have issues resolved quickly are more likely to buy again from a business. Responding to these reviews will also portray your company as a responsible business and help potential customers think highly of your brand. Here are some ways to respond to negative reviews. Firstly, you should make sure to respond to every review you receive. You might not know it, but responding to all reviews is a good practice.

Negative reviews influence buyer trust.

Secondly, a negative review will increase your trust rating. It will make your company seem more genuine and accessible. Most people don’t believe that businesses have never stumbled. Hence, it would help to use negative reviews to open a dialogue with the aggrieved parties. Showing you care will go a long way in boosting conversions and trust. So, don’t be afraid to take a negative customer service review.

While many companies choose to ignore customer complaints, you shouldn’t do so. Negative customer service reviews can boost your sales. Responding to complaints will help you discover hidden problems in your business and showcase your human side. You could lose your customers if you don’t respond to negative reviews. This is why it’s essential to respond to every review – even those that don’t seem legitimate.

Not responding to negative reviews can hurt future sales.

While a negative review may seem negative, it’s important to remember that people respond differently. Unanswered negative reviews can even be a deal-breaker for new prospects. They can cause negativity to build if they are left unresolved. However, they can also give your extra brand engagement and persuasion points. So don’t underestimate negative reviews. This is your chance to build brand loyalty.

Negative customer service reviews aren’t necessarily bad for your business despite your thoughts. They can be an asset if you can learn from them. A negative review can improve the quality of your service and help shoppers make more informed decisions. It can also lead to more loyal customers who return merchandise less often. Even a two-star review can help you improve your products and services. In addition, if you respond to negative reviews on time, you can reap the benefits of negative reviews in increased sales.

Negative business reviews

A positive response to a negative online review can help you frame the experience more favorably. It can also help you create a positive brand image. If your business has received lousy feedback, try to apologize sincerely and convey a positive image of yourself to the public. You can also reach out to your customers directly to resolve any issues. Remember that customers want to feel heard and respected, so make every effort.

A positive response to negative online business reviews can also help you improve overall. While unhappy customers may not be your target market, it is essential to acknowledge them as valuable marketing and customer service tools. If you respond positively to low customers, they may become ardent brand advocates. If you can’t respond to every negative review, at least respond to the most common ones. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with a tidier situation in the future.

Perfect online ratings are viewed with suspicion.

It’s important to note that while the perfect online business review is ideal, the fact is that many businesses don’t have excellent reviews. Businesses that aren’t rated excellent tend to get more views. That’s because consumers distrust companies that claim to do everything right. Negative online reviews can boost your sales. So, don’t let a negative review stop you from achieving your goals.

A positive response to a negative review should prioritize any business. Whether you’re selling a new product or a service, a negative review is likely to increase the number of customers you have. Providing prompt and courteous service can keep customers on your site or make them look for an alternative. And the sooner you respond, the better. It’s better to respond to every negative review than never.

While some businesses fear losing out on potential customers, positive reviews are a vital tool for companies. Whether your customers love or hate you, it’s crucial to understand how to respond to negative reviews. If you’re unsure how to handle them, a business review platform such as Yotpo can help. Combining these two, a positive online business review can boost your sales and help you gain valuable insights.

In general, businesses should avoid responding to negative online reviews with a negative response. Generally, people who write bad reviews are trolling for laughs. But if they want to get more business, they should respond to the review positively instead of censoring it. While censorship might seem a good idea, you should always bite your tongue and move on. If you don’t get the chance, at least offer to apologize and make the situation right.

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