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5 Investment Vehicle Ideas for Your Small Business

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If you’re searching for investment ideas for your company, you’ll realize there’s more to investing than bonds and stocks. According to Forbes, there are several investment vehicle alternatives to select from that can suit your small company’s investment requirements.

Understanding these investment vehicle ideas and how they operate is of utmost importance to make informed investment decisions for your small business. Before delving deeper into your small company’s five investment vehicle ideas, you must know what the term investment vehicle means.

So, what is Meant By the Term An Investment Vehicle?

An investment vehicle is a term that illustrates a financial asset leveraged by individuals and businesses alike for making investments or generating wealth. The most common investment vehicles used by small businesses are stocks and bonds. However, these only represent a fraction of the different investment vehicle ideas you can choose from.

Here are the top five investment vehicle ideas your small business can consider:

1. Stocks and Bonds

As indicated earlier, these two are the most common investment vehicle ideas leveraged by most small businesses. Often, a stock represents the number of shares an investor or business entity owns in a company. For your business entity to own shares in a company, you’ll need to buy stocks that entitle you to own a certain fraction of the company. Usually, such ownership depends on the value of the stock your business entity buys.

On the contrary, bonds are loans in large amounts from an investor to a borrower. They are considered an investment vehicle idea since they enable individual investors and entities to earn interest from borrowers. Often, governments and organizations are the ones who issue bonds as borrowers and later repay their face value alongside the interest at the agreed maturity period.

2. Mutual Funds and ETFs

You can consider a mutual fund as an investment vehicle in which business entities merge funds to buy securities. Often, mutual funds don’t perform investments in a single organization. Instead, they spread the risk by investing in several securities. An example of a mutual fund is the money market.

On the other hand, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) describe an investment vehicle idea that integrates securities similar to mutual funds and other forms of assets together before trading them like stocks. ETFs work through acquiring securities to sell and purchase in the market at a specified index after investing. The main objective of ETFs is to invest in various securities, thus reducing costs while diversifying your business entity’s portfolio to diminish financial risks.

3. Virtual Assets – Cryptos, and NFTs

The advancements in financial technologies have led to the emergence of new investment vehicle ideas in the virtual space. Nowadays, virtual assets in the form of cryptocurrencies and NFTs have gained popularity as investment vehicle ideas among small businesses.

Cryptos and NFTs are types of virtual payment that users can exchange through online platforms for goods and services. Due to tax purposes, these virtual assets are often categorized as “property” rather than currencies. Perhaps you’ve heard about cryptos and NFTs for the first time or don’t know much about them. If you want to learn how to increase your revenue, you can enroll in a free online NFT masterclass to familiarize yourself. This can be greatly beneficial to your finances.

4. Precious Metals

Perhaps you didn’t know this, but precious metals like gold, platinum, and silver, among others, are an investment vehicle idea your small business can consider. According to experts in the industry, precious metals can be a safe-haven investment vehicle for your small business.

That implies that during tough economic times, investors and business entities opt for precious metals to safeguard their investments against losses. Consequently, precious metals will not only protect your small company’s investment during uncertainties but can also generate meaningful returns.

5. Preferred Stocks

Preferred stocks describe an investment vehicle in which a share of stock offers additional benefits other than the ones you get from a “normal” share. While issuing preferred stocks to individual investors and business entities like yours, issuers often pre-determine the additional benefits, which is why they’re known as “preferred stocks.” A few of the benefits that your small business is likely to gain from this investment vehicle include:

  • Higher dividend
  • Voting rights

Final Remarks

Your small business can leverage several investment vehicle ideas to make investment decisions. The above top five investment vehicle ideas can be a starting point for your company.

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