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The Future of Fashion: How Technology Leveled Up the Fashion Game

HomeBusinessThe Future of Fashion: How Technology Leveled Up the Fashion Game

Technology is changing how most parts of different professions have been performed for years. The fashion industry is one of these professions. The digital age has come, no doubt about it, and it’s here to stay. But which direction is it taking when we talk about fashion?

Just a glance at the fashion industry evolution, and you can see where technology is taking it next, introducing AR/VR dressing rooms, representing temperature-changing innovative materials, and having virtual goods in the metaverse.

Technology brought to fashion a change in how people shop, using social media apps and retail shops and evolving through the world of augmented realities. Brands are, of course, fast pace adapting to changes that emerge to get their products right in front of their customer. A new and different experience will help a retailer stand out in an overly catered fashion industry.

Skins that Showcase Luxury

Luxury brands that started selling “skins,” gaming avatars’ clothes and accessories,  and that way became pioneers of the digital movement in fashion, also gained popularity on sites like Roblox. In 2021, many luxury brands partnered with certain social apps to provide users with a 3D version of their collections. 

The question is, why are luxury brands interested in gaming—a digital world of chaos that is not in sync with their elegant and classy image? Many industries missed what these brands didn’t, and that is capitalizing on consumer insight. Gamers treasure their avatars—enough to buy for them pricy digital outfits. The investment that the fashion industry made in gaming predicts a bright future for digital fashion, which is, as we speak, becoming a reality.

Software that makes clothes creation simple

The pandemic brought us the decision to wear comfortable clothing that will be our unique signature when it comes to fashion.  For that reason, many small businesses started using platforms and software that offer the best cloud-based optimization of the entire production. These are perfect for small orders and can turn your wishes into reality.  Among the platforms used, Unmade stands as one with simple navigation and fast results by offering internal teams a chance to create custom-made orders that will be put into production in minutes. Customers can also be included in creating something that will be just theirs.

Digital product passports are changing the future

To improve transparency and increase circularity in the fashion industry,  digital product passports will play a vital role over the coming years. Brands aim to use digital product passports to register electronically and try to process and share product-related information with different supply chain businesses, authorities, and consumers. Therefore, large-scale adoption of digital product passports is expected to bring some benefits: increased transparency regarding the supply of chain businesses and consumers and increased efficiency when transferring information. This front has achieved particular progress through sensors, scanners, and cloud-based software already mentioned to monitor and maintain inventories. 

High-tech materials 

The fashion industry does not expect certain products derived from animals to be eliminated any time soon; there are. Nonetheless, changes in material alternatives used for many products are increasing. E-textiles with embedded batteries, sensors, microcontrollers, and next-generation materials such as mycelium leather and bio-based faux fur are the thing for the future of the fashion industry. 

Countless options for technology to be part of the fashion industry

Nowadays, companies and brands are expanding in many different areas when talking about the fashion industry; there is a constant trend toward using technologies to create a positive customer experience. Therefore, using SEO as the primary marketing strategy for Fashion eCommerce website promotion can significantly help with one’s business success. That way, the real focus in the retail sector of the fashion industry is to make customers’ shopping experiences easier and more exciting.

Hybrid products derived from the fashion and technology industries

The collaborations that spring from combining skills from the tech and fashion fields make a new type of product that is on edge between the two sectors.

Technology embedded in the actual fabric can be synced with a phone or another device, giving the wearer, for example, information about their fitness activity and what to do to enhance it. 

The infinite possibilities that technology offers to the fashion industry are yet to evolve, bringing exciting new things and pushing the fashion industry further into the future. 

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