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How to Increase Your Elderly Relative’s Comfort

HomeEducationalHow to Increase Your Elderly Relative’s Comfort

When your elderly parent, grandparent, or other beloved relative becomes frail or ill, it’s natural that you will want to care for them. Each individual situation will be different, but there are some common ways you can help your relative cope with health setbacks and increase their comfort.

Provide Emotional Support

While your elderly relative may be facing physical challenges, they are also going through an emotional upheaval. At first, you may not realize it because your loved one may act happy and upbeat when you visit. But underneath, your relative may be struggling with fear, depression, anxiety, and even anger. 

The most important thing is to listen. Your loved one may want to talk about the past or complain about the present. Listen patiently and without judgment. If you can’t visit as often as you’d like, make a point to call every day. Hearing the sound of your voice can be soothing and reassuring. 

Move Them in With You

Having your elderly loved one close will be a relief to everyone. That’s why many people choose to move their elderly relatives into their homes rather than let them live alone or move them into a facility. At home, you will know your elderly relative is being cared for properly and surrounded by people who care.

If your loved one develops a terminal illness, there is help available. Hospice care can extend the life of seniors. It aims to make the patient as comfortable as possible. Your community will have an in-home hospice organization you can contact.

Get Assistance

If your loved one is determined to stay in their home, they don’t have to be alone. You can hire trained caregivers who can provide your elderly relative with daily tasks such as bathing, dressing, taking medications, and preparing meals. Nursing care is also available.

You may find financial assistance in paying the bill through Medicare or Medicaid. Or, if the elderly relative is a veteran, they may be eligible for help from the VA. Some private charities also have programs for in-home assistance.

You treasure your aging parents, grandparents, and other senior relatives, and you want to help them just as they helped you when you were younger. It’s a privilege to be with them in their final years. As they face the challenges of aging, you will discover ways you can reach out and help them. 

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