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Signs of Failing Health You Should Pay Attention to in Old Age

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Most people expect their health to decline as they age. The hope is that you maintain optimal health for as long as possible and experience as little time with failing health as possible. To do that, you must pay attention to your health. That’s the only way to spot signs that your health is failing.

Joint Pain

Joint pain can be a result of a few different things. It could come from heavy physical activity wearing down your cartilage over the years. On the other hand, it could also be a result of lack of use. Different types of arthritis or rheumatism could also cause it. 

These diseases tend to be more common in the elderly. Aside from the extra discomfort it causes, joint pain can sometimes be debilitating enough to prevent people from moving much. The increased limitation in mobility can put your health at further risk.

Cognitive Decline

Have you ever heard people talking about “having a senior moment”? Some people take it as a given that they’ll experience cognitive decline as they age. That can be a sign of health deterioration though, rather than simply being the result of aging. 

Forgetfulness, excessive disorganization, and not making sound decisions can all indicate an alarming cognitive decline. Some things increase your risk of cognitive decline, such as a family history of dementia or not getting adequate sleep regularly. Having a stroke can increase your risk of cognitive decline as well.

Decrease in Mobility

How easily can you make it up a flight of stairs? If you’re struggling to climb stairs, you could be experiencing a decrease in your mobility. That’s a sign that your strength and range of motion could be failing. When that happens, your risk of falling increases significantly, as does your risk of suffering a severe injury as a result of a fall. Mobility is often a use-it-or-lose-it sort of thing. Stay active and use your full range of motion to protect and preserve your mobility as you age.

If you want to maintain your health for as long as possible, you need to take a proactive approach to it. Focus on preventing health problems as much as you can. Watch out for signs that your health is failing. If you catch them in time, you may get the medical help and support you need to preserve it for a bit longer, or at least make what remains of your life more comfortable.

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