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Create the Best Postpartum Gift Box

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A mum deserves all the love and care in this world. Show her some love with a thoughtful gift to make her day better. A postpartum hamper is an excellent option if you want to include more than one item in your present. The best part about making a handmade gift box is that you can tailor it to the mum’s needs. Whether the new mum is your family, friend or colleague, she is entitled to some pampering. A postpartum gift box is the best birthday or congratulatory gift for new mums. So the next time you need a present for a mum, try making a DIY gift basket.

What to put in a Postpartum Gift Box

A handmade hamper will show her how much concern you have for her. It is a very thoughtful gesture. But how do you make the most suitable gift basket for her? And what should you put in the basket? While there is no definitive answer to creating the perfect basket, here are some suggestions for what you can include in the hamper.

Recovery Products

The postpartum journey is a challenging road. You experience changes in body, mind and behavior along with all the apparent changes around you. It can take time to adjust to the new normal. Fortunately, some products can help you with these sudden changes. Nipple creams, padsicles, postpartum panties, relief pads, etc., are some items that are readily available in the market. Make sure to add some to your basket.

Loads of Snacks

Mums usually experience a loss of appetite in the initial days. But there is no saying when it will return. Post-pregnancy is very uncertain, and there should be a pantry full of food for the new mums. Fill the gift hamper with her favorite (and healthy) snacks for a quick bite. You can include granola, protein bar, dark chocolate and anything else the mum likes to eat.

Personal Care Items

Self-care is not a priority after the baby, but that does not make it any less critical. While a full-on salon appointment is separate from your agenda, a self-care session at home is always within reach. Fill the postpartum gift box with personal care items that a mum can easily use. You may also splurge and include luxury items like bath salts, scented candles, and body care sets.

A Restaurant Gift Card

A baby demands all attention, and there will be days when a mum cannot prepare her meal. A takeout or delivery gift card will be her saving grace for all those times. If you have yet to decide what else to put in the hamper, a food coupon for her favorite restaurant or café is a good option. Trust us; she will thank you for saving her from starvation.

Digital Subscriptions

Sometimes, a movie night is all you want. But imagine- the baby is asleep, the popcorn is ready, and the new mum is all set for a movie marathon, but alas! Her subscription has expired. It is easy to forget to recharge the OTT subscriptions, so why not take care of that for a while? It will take some burden off the new mum’s hands.

Customized Merchandise

Another great addition to your hamper is cute personalized merchandise like matching onesies, cushions or a coffee mug. It will forever be a memory of this beautiful time.

New Mama Kit handmade Postpartum Gift Boxes

New Mama Kit is a perfect alternative to a DIY gift box if you find yourself in a pinch. These handmade hampers have all the items to make them a memorable gift for new mums. New Mama Kit has a new Postpartum Gift Hamper in their range.

You can choose your perfect gift from a range of options. Affordable options like the New Mum Care Pack and New Mum Maternity Gift Hamper will help the new mum adjust to her new normal. It has essential maternity supplies and snacks to help her through this journey. Rich bath salts and luxurious bath oils will rejuvenate her mind and body. To give the mums a much-needed pampering session, you can gift them an indulgent Super Mama Hamper or Relax and Recover Gift Hamper with self-care items to bring the salon to her.

What do New Mama Kit postpartum Gift Boxes contain?

While the actual contents of the box may vary from one option to another, here is a list of items in our hampers.

  • Assorted Snacks

Pregnancy cravings can continue throughout the postpartum phase. Now you cannot expect the mum to run down to Woolworths whenever she wants to eat something. It is wise to include a mum’s favorite snacks in the basket so she can reach out for a quick bite whenever her cravings get bad. There are many snacks like chocolate, trail mix, and protein bar in the New Mama Kit postpartum gift boxes.

  • Coffee and tea

Cafes are twice as popular as any other eatery. Any true-blooded Millennial mum must miss her café dates more than anything else. Unless she can step out for a nice cup of coffee, why not send her some at home? If coffee is not her cup of tea (cheeky, right?), you can find other options for her- pukka herbal tea and non-alcoholic wine- in the New Mama Kit hampers.

  • Maternity Supplies

A new mother’s body undergoes more changes in a few months than most of us experience in our lifetime. A mum needs extra care for a few months after delivering the baby. Find essential maternity supplies like disposable panties, extra large pads and padsicles etc., in all the New Mama Kit postpartum gift boxes. These will come in handy more times than you keep count.

  • Self-Care Products

That pregnancy glow is genuinely something to envy. A mum may not need much to look put together, but a little self-care will help the new mum feel like the best version of herself. New Mama Kit hampers have self-care items like bath salts, belly oil, and scented candles to provide the best at-home spa session.

  • Hygiene Products

It is common to hear mums say, “Oh, I forgot to brush!” or “I don’t remember the last time I washed my hair”. Even hygiene takes a hit when you must devote all twenty-four hours of a day to your baby. But if the social appearance is in order, our gummies, lip balm, and dry shampoo have you covered.

Visit Their Website Now!

The hampers are all-inclusive and filled with handy items to help the new mums with this beautiful yet uncertain time. You can choose a hamper based on your needs and budget. New Mama Kit has a great collection of postpartum gift boxes like Pregnancy Hamper, Super Mama Hamper, and First Time Mum Gift Hamper. They provide free delivery all over Australia and also offer express shipping worldwide. Visit their online store now and get the best gift for new mums!

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