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Methods for Integrating the Field Solution into a Mobile Application

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What is a field solution?

One of the fundamental components necessary for the execution of organizational goals is the development of a field solution architecture. It is the duty of the field solution architect, also known as the FSA, to collaborate with both the internal and external sales departments in the process of planning, organizing, and devising sales strategies.

To provide field service, your company will send its technicians and mobile employees to the different locations of its customers so that they may repair, install, and maintain their equipment. Management of field services is an essential component of every service that your organization offers. Your field service activities, regardless of their location, may be managed with the support of FSM.

The following are some of the most significant challenges the mobile field service management industry now faces:

  • Contacts between administration and staff are not coordinated.
  • As a result of the rearrangement, the use of resources in this manner is excessive.
  • Operators, experts, or staff in a massive company with little to no prior expertise.

Thus, the market for field service management (FSM) software suppliers which offer cloud-based resolutions is expanding all over the world, and analysts anticipate that it will see a significant uptick shortly. The majority of FSM businesses are making a smooth move away from selling and production like CRM and ERP in the direction of Field software. This transition is occurring because Dynamics 365 Field Solutions software is better able to suit the needs of FSM businesses

Why is the prevalence of field software solutions growing?

Because of the expansion of the digital platform, any individual technology as well as any collection of technologies that are closely associated need a solution architect. An on-demand field solution architect is a criterion that must be met to maintain a satisfactory level of satisfaction for the clients.

A significant number of companies continue to depend on paper forms and antiquated work management systems, which results in service backlogs and reporting difficulties. When other companies have attempted to deploy a mobile solution, the response from their field employees has been to fight against the change. You may develop great mobile solutions that your field people will like with the help of the following recommendations.

1. Fewer setbacks in the development process

Collecting real-time information at the work site on things like the progress being made, any problems that have arisen, or any events that have occurred may help decrease overall delays in the project. When gathered in mobile forms and uploaded for everyone to view immediately, this crucial information helps bring problems that would put projects on hold and keeps work on time. This makes it possible to keep working on schedule.

2. Pick the Piece of Software

Respond is a web-based application, while the mobile native app is available for both iOS and Android smartphones. Both such mobile clarifications are offered by Dynamics 365 Field Solution. Respond is a work management application that integrates the powerful structures of Microsoft Office with a user experience that is optimized for use on tablets and other mobile devices. On the other hand, the mobile native app provides users in the field with simpler processes to facilitate their job. Respond needs a continuous network connection; however, the mobile app saves data locally on the device so that field personnel may function even when there is no network connection.

3. Empower technicians

When technicians have access to a mobile solution, they do not need to be responsible for managing paper orders or relying on them to transmit information back to schedulers. Both of these mobile systems provide technicians the ability to change their journey, status information, work order revisions, task data, and a variety of other information straight from their mobile devices. After that, the information is immediately synchronized back to Dynamics 365 Field Service, which provides schedulers, emergency responders, and management with information that is current at all times.

What are some of the most typical problems that consumers could experience?

If you are not acquainted with the product, deploying Dynamics 365 Field Solutions might be a challenging undertaking. The following is a list of some of the most frequent problems that users may experience:

  1. The inability of the user to locate the appropriate solution for their company’s needs
  2. Challenges associated with the integration of data
  3. Concerns about safety
  4. Frustration caused by too complicated procedures
  5. finding it difficult to locate the appropriate materials

In response to these challenges, Dynamics 365 Field Solutions offers clients a set of solutions that are made to assist them in designing most of the product.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 field solutions

Life at the workplace is very progressive currently and the main reason behind this success is the automation of systems. But when an issue arises, it needs to be rectified instantly, or it will lead to a huge loss to the customers. Dynamics 365 field solutions play a prominent role in solving the issue on the premises of the customer. Look at the points mentioned below related to the benefits of this software will help in utilizing it more appropriately:

  • Ease of getting expert advice

Normally when an issue arises on-premises the customers, the technicians are assigned the job. Though these technicians are well-trained to tackle any sort of issue, at times they may require an expert’s suggestion to rectify the issue. Dynamics 365 field solutions help by providing a complete standardized process and allowing the technician to go through the steps required to solve the issue. With the help of the required data, the technician’s productivity will improve and the issue will be resolved comparatively in less time.

  • Scheduling of the technicians

Normally, a trained technician will be capable of resolving the issues on the customer’s premises. But the choice of the right person makes a difference. Dynamic 365 field solutions software is built in such a way that it makes use of artificial intelligence-enabled scheduling recommendations that include manual, semi-automated, and complete automated scheduling. This software helps in choosing the right technician and the issue is resolved at the right time. 

Getting the issue resolved is good. But the time involved in this process also counts. The traveling time of the technician is also included in the maintenance time. The sort of schedule is well done by Dynamics 365 field solutions software. 

This scheduling helps in managing and minimizing the cost incurred in the whole process.

  • Prompt customer service

Customer service will be complete and successful only when the issue is resolved accurately. The customer will be more satisfied when he/she is updated about the steps involved in the maintenance process. Dynamics 365 field solutions help by updating the customer about the situation after the completion of each step. This will help the customer in analyzing the time required to resolve the issue and will stop the customer from panicking and disturbing the technicians working on-premises.


Developing mobile applications is a pretty new concept for many field service companies. The potential for enormous profit lies in meticulous planning and efficient operation. The tidal shift is now underway, and comes with an enormous increase in mobile computing, bringing with it a significant potential for field services firms to ride the mobile wave to commercial success. The benefits of automated systems can be enjoyed completely when there is a solution available for unexpected issues. There are infinite solutions but it depends on the customer’s dependence on software. 

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