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How Social Media Can Help and Harm Your Business

HomeBusinessHow Social Media Can Help and Harm Your Business

Social media performs an important role in flourishing your business. It can have lasting effects, as it can either ruin your entire business or help it grow. It is important for you to know how can social media harm and benefit your brand. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of having your business on social media.  

Advantages of Social Media on Your Business:

When it comes to small businesses, social media can play a vital role in boosting a small brand if you use it wisely. It can assist you to promote your business internationally online. Some advantages of social media are below:

Awareness of Your Brand

Almost everyone uses Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. These platforms can allow your brand to spread worldwide. Word of mouth doesn’t cut it anymore when compared to social media, as your customer base goes from local buyers to those around the world. This allows you to reach more people, make more sales, and ultimately grow your business. 

Increase Your Sales by Going Viral

Depending on your luck, you never know which post or product can go viral. These days, one video could skyrocket your business and pull in thousands if not millions of customers. People on social media often tend to trust reviews that others like them have made since it seems more honest, so having your product seen in such a positive light can not only improve sales but also brand trust and loyalty. 

Collaborate With Famous Influencers

You can increase your views, likes, and shares by partnering with influencers. Every niche on the internet has influencers, and partnering with them can prove beneficial if your budget allows it. There are millions of consumers who trust what an influencer says, and having your name roll off the tip of their tongue could change your business’s outlook. 

Disadvantages of Social Media on Your Business:

You should slow down when you completely rely on social media at every step of your business. With everything going online, one mistake of yours can spread like an insidious rumor. You need to plan properly and hire people to monitor the actions online. Let’s see how social media can prove dangerous for your business:

The Burden of the Marketing Shift

Coming into the online world will make it mandatory upon you to build a relationship with your buyers. To market your products, you must show a lot of involvement with your potential customers and build your customer relations. 

You will need to work very hard to market your product’s idea instead of just talking about the benefits of buying one from you. No one might even notice your product due to a lot of competition and traffic online. 

Customer Rights and Power

If you had a bad experience with a company or its product in the past, it would’ve stayed between you and a bunch of individuals from friends and family. But with social media, one bad experience spreads like a wildfire. A customer can share their one bad experience with the entire world, whether it be true or false, ultimately harming your business. 

If you don’t take criticism as positive criticism, you will not be able to survive in the online world. You will have to increase your services and fix any rumor spreading against you. 

Negative Comments

Social media is like a chat room where everyone can say whatever feels best. Negative comments can cause you to feel as though you aren’t doing something right, and they can even cause others to believe false statements or exaggerated opinions about your company. 

Moreover, keeping track of defamatory statements can be cumbersome for your staff. You might not be able to respond when it’s crucial to do so. 

Stolen Work

Social media sets your company up to be seen by the world, including those who may want to use it for their own gain. There have been countless instances of companies having their material or products copied and sold by another individual or company for profit. There are ways to protect your business from this before you even start selling, but for those who run into this problem, there are a few ways to combat it, including conducting an IP investigation or notifying the authorities. 

Do the Advantages Outweigh the Disadvantages?

You may now have a clear idea of whether social media harms your business more or benefits it more. Living in the era of technology where everything is online, you must learn to progress with social media. It can demotivate you and can cause a lot of stress or anxiety, but it can also bring you up from the bottom. Hence, if handled correctly the advantages seem to outweigh the disadvantages most of the time. 


In this world, everything comes with a cost. With planning and research, you can avoid the negativities of social media and get the positive parts from it. Understanding how it works and how you can use it to your advantage is key, as it could boost your business to the next level. Use it wisely, know your limits, and understand how to back yourself up. 

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Rayanne Morriss
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