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Is Leetcode Premium Worth It?

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You’re considering Leetcode Premium, but is it worth it? With all the free coding challenge platform options? If so, you’re here. I’ve had the same issue and can assist!

That depends on your coding experience. You’ll profit more if you’ve used LeetCode’s free features and have the right abilities. If you don’t have the abilities or a degree, being a web developer may not be worth it.

No worries! This post will explain how to use LeetCode to maximize its benefits and when to start utilizing LeetCode Premium to make it worth your money.

Is Leetcode Premium Worth It If I Have No Data Structure Or Algorithm Experience

Because most of the premium add-ons are unnecessary, I’ll explain why. The most essential information, however, is that when you first begin using LeetCode, you need to worry about the 100 most often asked concerns. Avail discount Leetcode Promo Code.

Interviewees often ask variations on these questions, so it’s important to be prepared. Knowing the answers to these will set you up well for answering DSA questions across the board.

Are The Leetcode Premium Features Worth It

Here, I’ll explain what each Leetcode Premium add-on does and whether or not you’ll find it useful. Take your time reading this section! When I initially began using LeetCode, I thought these extras would be fantastic, but I’ve since discovered free options that are much superior.

Are Leetcode Premium Videos Worth It

When I originally started thinking about getting Leetcode Premium, this was one of the main features that sold me. It would be amazing to have access to premium videos that could teach me how to fix issues. To say that perusing the community threads for badly written or muddled answers more than justified the cost of LeetCode’s premium membership is an understatement.

Hold on a minute! If you take my suggestion and focus on the first hundred most pressing issues, there is a fantastic YouTube channel that will explain how to solve these difficulties step by step. They also include a spotless Python solution that you may study at your leisure to learn from their methodology. That account is the greatest you’ll find. Better than Leetcode Premium solutions. Type neetcode issue name into YouTube and the answer should appear!

Question Frequency

Whenever we talk about “question frequency” in Leetcode Premium, we’re talking about how frequently a certain question is asked in an interview. This suggests that this question is more reflective of an excellent DSA question and that it will likely show up on the exam.

When you’ve finished answering the top 100 questions on Leetcode Premium I highly recommend using this tool.

Because of the frequency filter, you may priorities the most prevalent issues while working through the several important DSA topics in LeetCode, such as binary search, depth-first search, breadth-first search, greedy algorithms, dynamic algorithms, sorting algorithms, etc.

Select Questions By Company

Using this paid add-on, you may filter Leetcode Premium questions by the kind of organizations that use them in job interviews. Applying for positions at Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, or any of the other organizations featured in the graphic above may benefit greatly from having this capability, but it is by no means required.

If you’re just getting started, it’s best to focus on the most important things at first, such answering the top 100 questions and learning as much as can about the many aspects of DSA covered in Section 2. Then, if you believe this function will be useful, pay close attention to the inquiries made by these businesses.

Rest: Autocomplete, Debugger, Unlimited Playgrounds, Lightning Judge, Interview Simulation

Because these traits are so little compared to the three above, I grouped them together. If you required autocomplete and debugger capabilities, you could find them in any IDE. Use your solution by copying and pasting.

Unlimited playgrounds are useless too. Why would you run more than 10 sessions? Not +10! Lightning Judgement means executing and verifying code quickly. Again, it would be good but not necessary given it only takes 3-10 seconds to run against all test suites.

The interview simulation ends with a random challenge and a time restriction. Again, easily done and tracked by yourself. These features are merely time-savers or nice to haves. Nothing you need or worth the price. I recommend choosing based on the previous three qualities before these.

When Is Leetcode Premium Most Valuable

Once again, if you are just getting started with data structures and algorithms, you shouldn’t go for the premium version of LeetCode (if you decide to buy it at all).The first step is to finish the first 100 most-asked questions to get a sense for the site. You should also be certain that you’re prepared to enter the workforce. That is, before shelling out for premium, you’ve already shown that you have the necessary frontend, backend, or other capabilities for the position in question. Why shell out for a Leetcode Premium membership that you won’t be able to use for a while you acquire new knowledge?

The next step is to break down the material into its component parts, focus on the most common issues first, and work your way down the list.

What If I Don’t Buy Leetcode Premium

Whether you opt to purchase Leetcode Premium and get access to the premium features is entirely up to you. When I randomly browsed questions, however, I saw that many of them did not help me as much with my DSA knowledge as others, and/or they concentrated on deft math to obtain the best answers, rather than the kind of thing you’d get evaluated on in interviews. To wit, the study of data structures and algorithms.

Not that it’s the end of the world, but I found that I could make better use of my time if I had some idea of which difficulties were most likely to come up in interviews and most accurately represented the DSA themes I was focused on studying at the moment.

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