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What to Do to Make Your Bathroom Look More Modern

HomeEducationalWhat to Do to Make Your Bathroom Look More Modern

While renovating your home, there are several key rooms to hit. Updating your bathroom to look more modern can elevate your entire home. Changing the look of your bathroom can be an easy task and as involved as you choose. 

Give it New Color 

Popular color schemes come and go over the years. If you want to make your bathroom look more modern, then one simple fix is changing your bathroom to match the current color trends. Most modern bathrooms follow a very neutral color scheme. If you have an outdated tile color in your bathroom you can also consider reglazing your tile to give it a fresh new color. 

Shades of white, grey, or beige are very popular and timeless. They create a sense of calm without committing to any specific color. In addition to these neutral colors, many people choose to go with a blue or green shade. Both of these colors set a very relaxing and elevated tone. You can select an in house color for a tile reglaze or create a custom color to suit your vision.

Do a Remodel 

While there are cases where you can make simple changes to elevate the look, some bathrooms will continue to be outdated because of the permanent fixtures. There are options to refinish tile, bath, and countertops which is much easier on your budget, but some issues such as water damage, a poor original layout, and other structural issues may require addressing.

If there are structural or layout issues a remodeling of the space may be the best option but it will be more expensive. Most people will pay somewhere between $6,000 and $16,000 to remodel their bathroom. This is a major cost upfront, but you can then enjoy an improved bathroom and the remodel will increase the value of your home for when you eventually sell. 

Add Modern Touches 

The way you decorate and accessorize your bathroom will create a different look and adding a few touches can make your bathroom appear more modern. To begin with, declutter your space as much as possible. Put things in drawers and cupboards if you can. For the items that need to be left out, put them in modern containers and organize them with baskets or trays. When decorating, bring in some greenery to liven up the space. Add some simple, calming artwork to the walls. Make your towels, bathmats, shower curtains, etc. match or coordinate. Create a space that is cohesive, tidy, and simple in order to achieve a modern look. 

Changing up your bathroom can make it feel like a whole new space. You can do a fully-involved renovation or you can make some simple changes throughout. Whatever you decide, it’s easy to achieve a modern look.

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