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The Role of Clear Aligners in Correcting Deep Bite

HomeWellnessThe Role of Clear Aligners in Correcting Deep Bite

Ensuring you have a smile that you love to show off and are proud of is important at any age. When you’re a teenager or if you have teenagers, you may be exploring the concept of orthodontia to straighten your teeth for just such a purpose. However, the need for orthodontia and corrections to your mouth is needed at any age.

What is a Deep Bite?

A deep bite occurs when the front teeth overlap the bottom teeth significantly and not in a healthy or normal amount. It may be common to assume a deep bite is simply an aesthetic issue and doesn’t need correction, but this isn’t always the case. Deep bites can lead to more serious healthy issues with your jaw and bite as you age. 

How is a Deep Bite Caused?

Commonly, an overbite is caused by a small lower jaw that is shorter than the upper portion of the jaw. This causes the upper teeth to be further forward than the lower teeth and, as the teeth and jaw bones continue to grow, the lower teeth will run into the upper teeth. This growth pattern can cause crowding and misalignments. Deep bites can also be the result of missing teeth in the lower jaw as this gives way for the upper teeth to grow larger than they would have to begin with. Additionally, deep bites can be caused by excessive tooth grinding and clenching.

When Does a Deep Bite Need to be Fixed?

While it may seem to be just an aesthetic thing, fixing your deep bite may be necessary if your misalignment is causing any of the following issues:

  • If your lower teeth are pressing into the upper portion of your mouth – this can cause sores and ulcers
  • If your lower teeth are getting ground down or worn away by your bite
  • If you’ve lost a lot of tooth structure
  • If your teeth are excessively crooked or crowded due to the overbite

Methods to Correct a Deep Bite

To correct a deep bite, your teeth will need to be moved gradually to pull your jaw into the proper alignment or to get your teeth to line up correctly. The process to correct a deep bite is slow and can take several months or even a couple of years to slowly and safely move your teeth into their ideal positions. 

Braces for a Deep Bite

dental teeth
Dental Braces

A common method to treat a deep bite is to have an orthodontist treat it as part of their plan to straighten your teeth and give you a healthy smile. Orthodontic devices can be worn during the day or only at night and will slowly encourage your teeth to grow into the right positions, spaces, and places within your mouth. Braces and orthodontics will do this over time as a part of your orthodontic treatment course. 

Deep Bite Surgery

If orthodontia won’t work to correct your deep bite, your orthodontist may recommend overbite correction surgery. In this option, your jaw will be surgically widened and your facial bones may be repositioned to give you the ideal bite placement and structure. This is an involved process and one most orthodontists will avoid unless necessary because it requires general anesthesia and a lot of recovery time. 

Clear Aligners for Deep Bite Correction

One of the most popular options that many orthodontists will recommend for bite correction is clear aligners. Clear aligners work similarly to metal braces but give users a lot more freedom and control over the changes to their teeth. Clear aligners are small plastic trays, molded to your teeth. They slip on your teeth like a mouth guard and have been created with your ideal bite or tooth structure in mind. As you progress through your clear aligner usage, your teeth will slowly straighten and your deep bite can be slowly corrected. 

Clear aligners can be removed when eating, so a lot of people have found them preferable to metal braces. In the case of deep bite correction, clear aligners have become a helpful and easier solution than metal braces. They can be worn when it’s comfortable and convenient for the wearer without messing up their smile in between. They also can correct your bite and jaw structure without having metal that can cause rubbing, sores, and even small cuts and bleeding. Clear aligners can be used for adults, teens, and children alike and are something to ask about if you’re considering any form of orthodontia.

Your Deep Bite is Correctable

Whether your orthodontist opts for clear aligners or another form of treatment, your deep bite can be easily corrected. This will help you not just love how you look even more, but guarantee your teeth stay healthier as they won’t be grinding on one another constantly. Take action on your deep bite today!

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