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Assess Your Tooth Decay Risk With These Simple Tips!

HomeWellnessAssess Your Tooth Decay Risk With These Simple Tips!

Oral health is one of the most important aspects of a healthy body. Any compromise in its care can lead to the origin of tooth decay which is one of the most common diseases in patients nowadays. This disease damages your dentin layer, enamel (outer coating of the tooth), and tooth structure.

The main reason for the occurrence of tooth decay in a person is because of the intake of high carbohydrate foods. This list includes milk, cakes, fruits, cereals, bread, or candy that is left stuck on the teeth. When the bacteria in our mouth that digest our foods come in contact with these leftovers, it turns them into acid.

Further, the amalgamation of acid, saliva, bacteria and the leftover food forms plaque.  It sticks to our teeth and the acid in the plaque starts dissolving the teeth enamel that creates holes in the teeth called cavities. It further leads to tooth decay in the long run.

So, to keep your teeth in a healthy condition and save them from any tooth decay risk, save the below-given checklist recommended by experts.

Checklist to save your teeth from tooth decay

  1. Use the right brush to brush your teeth regularly

Every person eats different kinds of foods in their daily life. Some may have high levels of sugars, starch, and more that spike the chances of tooth decay.

So, when you brush your teeth regularly, you get rid of the plaque sticking to your teeth. By doing this, you reduce the possibility of the acid and bacteria that could have gradually worn away the enamel of your teeth over the course of the night left on your teeth. Now, let’s talk about the right brushing techniques.

  • The experts of the American Dental Association recommend a soft-bristled toothbrush that should be replaced every 3 to 4 months.
  • The right way to brush your teeth is to apply gentle pressure by placing it at a 45° angle against the gums.
  • Use the tip of the brush to clean the inside of your front teeth with a gentle up and down stroke.
  • Don’t forget to brush your tongue to eliminate any bacteria on it and to bid goodbye to bad breath.
  1. Limit your starch and sugar intake

The best way to eliminate the possibility of tooth decay is to cut back on excessively sweet foods like sodas and candies. It is the reason that increases the chances of creating cavities in your teeth.

High sugar ultimately leads to the generation of a large amount of acid that attacks your teeth and gums. You can even replace your morning coffee with water or less sugar in your morning drinks. However, if you can’t remove this from your morning routine, we advise you to rinse your mouth under 15 minutes after drinking it.

Tip: Drinking water with fluoride is beneficial to help prevent cavities in your teeth.

  1. Say no to smoking

You may have heard of several medical problems with smoking as the root cause. But you may be shocked to know that it also damages your oral health. It is the cause of tooth loss, gum disease, and even oral cancer. Symptoms start from stained teeth and can go beyond your imagination and damage your entire healthy body.

  1. Include flossing in your dental care

Even though we brush every day, you are only taking care of the three sides of the teeth. The sides of the teeth In contact with the adjacent teeth can only be cleaned with flossing.

It may only take a few minutes a day but the key is to start small and you will develop a routine soon. Ensure that you floss before bedtime while brushing your teeth and soon after a meal. It is one of those healthy habits that are worth including in your routine and will keep your oral health intact for a lifetime.

Tip: Dentists recommend that a person should floss for at least a minute, 15 minutes after finishing their food, followed by brushing their teeth for at least two minutes.

  1. Avoid snacks before bedtime

Experts recommend that there should be a two-hour gap between your last food of the day and your sleep. It is advised to do so to eliminate any chances of tooth decay by letting the saliva break down the food in your mouth.

Also, brushing your teeth after the meal will further eliminate the generation of acid that causes tooth decay.

Visit your dentist regularly

It’s important to get your oral health checked and maintained regularly. Dentists come as a lifesaver when we talk about oral health. They will help you in recognising any early signs of oral health issues. So get in touch with your dentist and let them examine your teeth and gums so that they can do a thorough cleaning to remove the build-up plaque in your mouth. Not taking care of your oral health may lead to deteriorated oral health, which may result in your tooth extraction.

So, take care of your oral health like any other body part and educate the people around you on the importance of oral care. Lastly don’t forget to brush your teeth in the morning and before bed.

Keep wearing your healthy smile!

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Dr.Sharda Patel
Dr.Sharda Patel
Dr. Sharda Patel runs a family dentistry in Pleasanton family dentistry in Pleasanton, CA. She is a graduate from the Tufts University of Dental Medicines. She is a member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, and the American Dental Education Association. She is thorough, caring, and dedicated to patient satisfaction and comfort. You may find her reading a paperback on weekends.


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