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Issues Disabled People Face at a Greater Rate

HomeWellnessIssues Disabled People Face at a Greater Rate

Navigating the world with a disability presents its own unique set of challenges. Societal barriers often exacerbate these challenges, leading to issues such as discrimination, abuse, and financial struggles. A heightened understanding and acknowledgment of these issues is the first step toward advocating for change and inclusivity.


One of the most pervasive issues faced by disabled individuals is discrimination. This can range from explicit prejudice to subtle microaggressions, and it often stems from societal stereotypes and biases. Discrimination can be found in many aspects of life, including employment, education, and access to public services.

In the workplace, disabled individuals are often overlooked for promotions or faced with inaccessible work environments. In educational institutions, they may experience limited accessibility or a lack of necessary accommodations, inhibiting their ability to learn effectively. Moreover, public spaces and transportation often do not cater adequately to those with physical disabilities, creating a barrier to their mobility and independence.


The rates of abuse against disabled individuals are alarmingly high. Disabled children are three times more likely to experience sexual abuse in their life. This elevated risk is rooted in factors such as societal stigma, vulnerability due to dependency on others, and a lack of accessible support services. Furthermore, people with disabilities are also at a higher risk of emotional, physical, and financial abuse. The abusers are often those in a position of trust or care. Thus, safeguarding measures are paramount to protect disabled individuals, particularly children, from such abuses.

Financial Struggles

The economic burden faced by disabled people is disproportionately high compared to the rest of the population. Medical expenses, the cost of assistive devices, and personal care expenses can place a significant strain on their finances. In addition, barriers to employment contribute to a higher poverty rate among disabled individuals. They are often overlooked during hiring processes, given lower-wage jobs, or forced into part-time work due to health limitations. These factors can lead to financial insecurity and exacerbate the struggles disabled individuals face.

Moreover, state benefits designed to assist disabled individuals often fall short in covering the costs associated with their disability. This leaves many disabled people struggling to meet their basic needs, further marginalizing them from society.

Addressing these issues requires societal recognition of the barriers disabled people face, coupled with policies and initiatives designed to remove these barriers. Advocacy groups, nonprofits, and policy-makers play a crucial role in this process, pushing for legal protections, better societal inclusion, and equal opportunities for disabled individuals. Moreover, individuals can contribute by fostering inclusivity, standing against discrimination, and educating themselves and others about the challenges faced by the disabled community.

Creating a society that is truly inclusive and equitable requires acknowledging the unique struggles faced by different segments of the population. For disabled people, this means addressing discrimination, abuse, and financial struggles. Only then can we begin to level the playing field and create a society where everyone, regardless of their abilities, has an equal opportunity to thrive.

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