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Alternatives to Traditional High School if Your Kid Is Having a Rough Time

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A traditional high school where the bell rings at 8 AM and classes continue until 3 PM is not the right choice for every student. While many students thrive in this environment, other students find it challenging to the point where they eventually drop out. Before a student struggles to the point of wanting to hurt themselves or drops out, you need to consider alternatives to traditional high school.

Online School

One possible solution is for the student to attend high school online. Different states have varying requirements for accreditation, and you must choose a school that is accredited in the state where the student lives. It is also a myth that these classes are easier than the ones offered in local public and private schools. One advantage of online schools is that the student can study anywhere, and often, at any time of day or night. Before deciding on an online school, be sure to check out the requirements of teaching at the school because the student needs to be working with great instructors.


While you can’t take the GED online, you can study for it. Often, studying online allows students to work and still earn their high school equivalent diploma. Passing the GED test is not for the faint of heart, however, as the test requires students to prove that they have mastered fundamental concepts in math, science, reading and social studies at the high school level. The different parts of the exam, which consists of a series of timed multiple-choice questions, can be taken at different times. Most colleges and employers consider earning a GED the same as having graduated high school. Students can find multiple free practice questions and tests online. Still, many find it beneficial to attend an in-person or online study course as it provides them with a more structured study environment.

Alternative Schools

Alternative schools are found in many different communities, and these schools generally allow students to work at their own pace. Since students usually receive personalized instruction, many find that they can spend extra time conquering areas where they are struggling while speeding up through sections that they already understand. Many schools will graduate these students when they have completed the coursework, which may allow the student to finish faster than in a traditional setting. Students who have trouble getting along with their peers often find they love the alternative school environment where peer interaction is limited.

There are many ways that students can earn their high school diploma. Consider which one addresses the needs of your student the best before making a final decision.

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