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Choosing Safe Beauty Treatments: A Guide for Pregnancy Wellness

HomeWellnessChoosing Safe Beauty Treatments: A Guide for Pregnancy Wellness

Pregnancy is a transformative journey very different for each woman. This is because, during pregnancy, women go through many physical and psychological changes. With these changes come numerous questions and dilemmas. One of many questions often includes the safety of beauty treatments.

Pregnant women and those who are planning pregnancy often have no idea which beauty treatments are safe for them. If you’re one of these women, don’t worry; we have the answers in this article.

Massage during pregnancy

Let’s start with the most common question many pregnant ladies have – is massage during pregnancy safe? The answer is somewhat ambiguous because getting a massage can be beneficial but there are some risks.

The correct answer would be that it depends on the type of massage. Certain massage techniques can cause contractions including premature labor. That’s why it’s really important to do some research and consult with your obstetrician about which types of massages are safe. For example, prenatal massages are safe so always ask your practitioner if they do prenatal kinds of massages.

Massages also require different kinds of essential oils that may not be safe during pregnancy. It’s also important to know that getting a massage during the first trimester is not recommended especially if you have a high-risk pregnancy, blood pressure problems, or a recent injury.

Hair removal during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when a lot of hormonal changes happen. One of those changes includes increased hair growth. And while having beautiful and lush hair is great, the growth of hair on other body parts also increases and that’s not so great.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about being hairy during your pregnancy because most hair removal treatments are safe.

Most hair removal creams, gels, and mousses are safe to use (if you aren’t sure, consult with your obstetrician). Both hot and cold waxing is also safe.

When it comes to laser hair removal, removing hair from the bikini area and abdomen is not recommended. Removing hair from other body parts with laser treatment is safe and it won’t hurt you or your baby.

Teeth whitening during pregnancy

While there aren’t any studies that prove that teeth whitening can have negative effects on a baby, most dental associations recommend avoiding this treatment during pregnancy.

The greatest concern is the chemicals used for this treatment. These chemicals can be swallowed and they can potentially harm the baby.

This is one of the major reasons why you should wait until after pregnancy to whiten your teeth.

Orthodontic treatment during pregnancy

Yet another dilemma for many pregnant women is teeth straightening. Is it safe to continue orthodontic treatment during pregnancy?

Experts claim that it’s completely safe to continue or start an orthodontic treatment during pregnancy. If you’re interested in getting braces but unsure if you should while pregnant, consult with experts from Church St Dental.

They will tell you braces are completely safe during pregnancy but will approach the treatment with slight changes.

Fake tanning during pregnancy

Fake tanning during pregnancy shouldn’t be a problem if you’re using self-tanning creams and mousses. Just make sure you check the ingredient list to be extra sure.

When it comes to spray tanning, doctors don’t recommend it. Because the tan is sprayed onto your body, it’s easier to inhale the product and you don’t know what consequences that can have on your baby.

So, if you want to fake tan, stick to safer tanning options such as creams, mousses, and lotions.

Different hair treatments during pregnancy

Hair treatments should be safe, right? Well, some are and some aren’t. For example, keratin treatments and chemical hair straightening are not safe.

As for the hair coloring, as long as the dye you’re using is non-toxic, you can color your hair. Simply make sure that you apply a minimal amount of it to the scalp.

Also, refrain from using medical and anti-dandruff shampoos because they can contain harmful ingredients.

Manicures and pedicures during pregnancy

It’s safe to continue going to your manis and paddies during pregnancy. However, you should be cautious and choose salons that guarantee sterilization processes and good hygiene.

Also, just to be safe, avoid acrylic nails and powder dips. While there isn’t any solid proof, the chemicals in these products have been linked to cancer. So, at least during pregnancy, try to find other ways to get your nails done.

Makeup and skincare during pregnancy

Just like your hair, the hormones will also affect your skin during pregnancy. This means that makeup and skincare products you used before may no longer fit you.

On top of that, not all products will be safe to use during pregnancy. So, how to know which makeup and skincare products are safe?

Certain ingredients aren’t safe and they should be avoided. These ingredients include retinol, retinoids, and vitamin A.

The biggest concern is retinoids due to their link to birth defects. Also, products used to lighten skin that contain Hydroquinone, should not be used.

If you’re unsure about any makeup or skincare products, the best would be to contact your obstetrician and discuss with them.

Bottom Line

When it comes to beauty treatments, if in doubt, skip them. Pregnancy is a transformative time in every woman’s life and while some treatments are safe, it doesn’t mean they will be safe for you.

So, during pregnancy, try to go to as few beauty treatments as possible. Simply, relax and enjoy this period as much as possible.

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