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How Answering Services Can Help During Holidays

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When the Christmas holidays are right around the corner, you won’t want your business to stop being in touch with your customers. An answering service can help.

Your staff looks forward to this time of having a relaxed vacation. But who doesn’t know that business never takes a pause? Your unavailability during this crucial season will surely leave a scratch on your business reputation.

But there’s nothing to worry about. You can easily get help from a call answering service to have your back during the Christmas holidays. Let’s take a look at how a call answering service can help you during this time.

A dedicated army as your business assistance

After being super busy until Christmas knocks on the door, you and your business folks deserve to slack off a bit and enjoy the holidays in peace. Then how would you manage to continue providing the services to your customers during this time? It would be best if you considered appointing a dedicated call service on your behalf.

A live call answering service can maintain customer communication on your behalf, with minimum supervision on your part. Many call service agencies like Call Service, the first 24-hour live call answering service in Australia, provide intricate business service, 24/7 tailored customer care, corporate communication service, and so on.

Run your services with humans, not bots

Who likes to have a business conversation with a stiff-frigid voice by pressing buttons on holidays anyway?

And despite being the only alternative, leaving voicemails is not something the customers appreciate. In most cases, incoming voicemails are difficult to manage and just left unheard. Live call service, on the other hand, makes sure that you get the customer’s messages directly and can take action accordingly. Moreover, if the customers receive cordial greetings from a trained agent, it creates an excellent first impression for your business.

Let the service be your ad campaign platform

On holidays, people don’t want to be spammed by boring messages or emails. But you have to keep going with your business promotion despite having the well-deserved break, don’t you? You can leave the responsibility of a professional live call service agency and continue vacationing! Having trained agents receive the calls and help your customers with inquiries will be an excellent way to increase customer engagement. The agents can also inform your customers about specific promotional offers based on their queries.

Provide 24/7 accessibility and uninterrupted service

Thanks to the internet and advancements in mobility, customers not only expect but also demand immediate availability, regardless of the time or day. Having a dedicated 24/7 call answering service means an uninterrupted medium of communication with your customers or potential customers during holidays without missing a single call.

This opens an abundance of opportunities for your business, including attracting new customers and increasing customer retention rates to their best! Not only does this mean you can give your employees time off, but it also means you never have to worry about paying your in-house staff for overtime or paid time off. A well-trained professional team of call-answering agents will be at your service, looking after your business while you and your business team enjoy a relaxing holiday with loved ones.

Reduce Disruptions and technology costs

How often are you interrupted by questions that customers might find on your websites, like your return policy or basic questions about your product?

Even on regular workdays, when our workflow is disrupted, it can take a toll on overall productivity, and it takes quite a while to get things back on track.

With a trained group of professional call answering agents, you can rest assured that the answering service will transfer the call to a direct company or business representative only when it’s an emergency and really needed, providing uninterrupted holiday bliss!

On top of that, you can significantly reduce technology and equipment costs when you outsource your incoming calls to answering services. This means you won’t have to pay for new phone systems or systems to store, log, and distribute messages to your team. Excellent answering services integrate with your business tools and software, like your favorite CRM or payment processing software.

No more missed calls or appointments!

If you take a look at your previous record or database, it might quite literally seem like you have more callers with questions than ever at this time of year. It’s no problem when you have a dedicated call-answering service. Call answering agents are always ready and equipped with answers to frequently asked questions, including operating hours, location, addresses of websites, and more.

What about the spike in bookings and appointment bookings this time of year? No worries there, either! Your virtual receptionist services can efficiently help you schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments as needed during the holiday season or any other time of year!

Improve customer retention

Every business wants loyal customers, but to get there, you need to understand the factors behind the buying decision and the effectiveness of your tactics.

For example, is it easy for a potential customer to make a repeat purchase through the checkout page of your website? What difficulties in the buyer’s journey are creating conflict for your customers?

Customer touchpoint maps can be your friend here and help ensure that customers get to do what they want every time they interact with your business. This can help you improve retention and reduce churn. And precisely what a dedicated phone answering service for small businesses tries to accomplish on behalf of your company. Communicating your availability to customers will help them buy into your business and make them feel valued and respected.

These are just a few simple and cost-effective ways small businesses can turn on the lights during Christmas or any holiday season without going bankrupt.

Final Words

Returning to a mountain of work at the end of a vacation can make it hard to relax for your employees anyway. But when you have a successful business or startup, but you’re away from your workplace, unable to continue generating customer engagement for the holiday season, the competitive market might turn the tables. So, planning ahead with your answering service can lead to a fulfilling, highly productive, smooth, and, for you, enjoyable and even relaxing holiday.

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