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Top 3 Cybersecurity Certifications for a Career in 2024

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Cybersecurity has become an advanced playfield that attracts massive interest from worldwide corporations and cybersecurity experts. Today, cybersecurity has amassed a global industry size that is growing beyond measure. Statista reveals revenue in the cybersecurity market is projected to close at USD 183.10 billion in 2024. However, MarketsandMarkets predicts the global cybersecurity industry outlook is expected to reach USD 208.8 billion by 2024. These numbers are enough to mark great career beginnings this year!

With the world spending totaling USD 5.1 trillion in 2024 (MarketsandMarkets); it could be your golden opportunity to go ahead and grab that dream cybersecurity job role with sheer skill on display. Before you leap, it is advised to understand the cyber world and what it demands of you as an expert cyber professional with the best cybersecurity certifications.

About Cybersecurity:

Cybersecurity as the name suggests is the sheer practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. It rests upon the technologies, processes, and controls that protect against unauthorized exploitation of virtual systems.

Cybersecurity Careers on Offer in 2024:

The cybersecurity workforce needs to ramp up their capabilities to fight the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. Upskilling and timely upgrades are a necessary part of being an efficiently equipped cybersecurity specialist. With the growing threat rates, energy and utility infrastructure have become a soft target for ransomware attacks in recent years. This has led to a spike in demand for skilled professionals in diversified job roles.

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Penetration Tester
  • Security Architect
  • Incident Responder
  • Malware Analyst
  • Cloud Security Engineer
  • Network Security Engineer

The listed cybersecurity job roles and many others are on offer if you are well-equipped with credible cybersecurity certifications.

Salaries Expected:

Glassdoor, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, Payscale, and many other global remuneration generators are loaded with cybersecurity roles that are highly rewarding and offer a thriving career trajectory. The salary range showcased at Glassdoor reflects USD 94,000- USD 160,000 annually for a cybersecurity expert. Where on the one hand, Information Security Managers can earn anywhere between USD 150,000- USD 225,000 annually; a cybersecurity senior scenario designer earns between USD 135,000- USD 260,000 (

Top 4 Requisites to Get a Cybersecurity Job:

  1. Begin with the basics. Getting a bachelor’s or Master’s degree in STEM or IT, computer science, or equivalent could give you a great start to designing a failproof cybersecurity career
  2. In-depth mastery of IT Networking, programming, Cyber laws, and compliance knowledge
  3. Get Certified to flaunt your hard-earned capabilities at the bachelor’s or master’s and deepen a great understanding of top-notch cybersecurity skills
  4. Collaborate and network with peer industry leaders and mentors at events or meet-ups to evolve as a cybersecurity professional with in-demand requisites placed in your resume

Top 3 Cybersecurity Certifications to Consider in 2024:


Comp TIA Security Plus is a certification that authenticates the baseline cybersecurity skills that are deemed essential for an incredible performance at securing core functions and pursuing a thriving career in cybersecurity. The assessment verifies your understanding of:

  • Assessing the security posture of an enterprise environment and recommending for easy implementation of security solutions
  • Monitoring and securing hybrid environments including IoT, mobile, and cloud
  • Identifying, analyzing, and responding to security incidents

Skills you will earn:

  • General Security Concepts
  • Threats, vulnerabilities, and mitigations
  • Security architecture
  • Security Operations
  • Security program management and oversight

Exam Details:

Number of questions90
Test length (in minutes)90
Recommended Experience2 years of experience working in a security systems administrator job role
Mode of testOnline or Onsite

2. United States Cybersecurity Institute (USCSI®)

Learn-Evolve-Impact: The USCSI® builds your cybersecurity capabilities on this 3-tier skill development building block. USCSI® is a reputed international cybersecurity certification provider; aptly accredited by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence and the American National Standards Institute. Not one, nor two; they are here with the 3 top cybersecurity certifications around the world that are highly valued by the industry giants while recruiting credible cybersecurity professionals.

Being among the best cybersecurity certifications, USCSI® brings forth a certification for all. These graded certifications target specific skills to strengthen your core specialties in cybersecurity. Programs benefits:

  • Develop a strong foundation in cyber resilience, cybersecurity design, and a zero-trust approach
  • Over 20 world-class subject matter experts
  • Globally recognized cybersecurity certifications across over 150 countries
  • More than 180 hours of learning
  • Optional Readings available to enhance your certification credibility and your skill strength
  • Personalised eLearning study material with HD video content and practice codes
  • Easy Interest-Free payment mode (Flexi-instalments/ Enrol now pay later)
  • Develop standardizations across the organization’s touchpoints through automation
  • Builds talent to detect and respond with comprehensive intelligence
  • Is a powerful platform for individuals and organizations to chalk out long-term strategic cybersecurity upskill/ reskill roadmap to navigate cyber risk
  • Strengthens talent and develop multitudinous growth
  • Turbo-Cert Feature allows an easy and affordable way for organizations, academic institutions, business organizations, and professionals to enable a sturdy workforce

Skills you will learn:

  • Foundations of Cybersecurity
  • Device protection
  • Authentication for security
  • Cryptographic techniques and application
  • Architecture building and execution
  • Machine learning, data security, and data science with cyber
  • Cybersecurity threat detection with Artificial Intelligence
  • AI concepts and tools of the trade
  • Sensitive information and assets protection
  • Testing and evaluating AI arsenal
  • Security leadership and regulations

Exam details:

Minimum Passing Score70% or above
Number of questions50/60/70 (as per certification)
Test length (in minutes)100
Open BookNo
Recommended ExperienceVaries with the level of certification enrolled with
Mode of testOnline (Instructor-led or Self-paced)
Digital BadgingYes
Turbo-Cert DiscountsYes


Making ethical hacking a cakewalk, Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is a popular cybersecurity credential in the field. EC Council is a known certification provider that offers an array of benefits. Look at them below:

Program benefits:

  • Learn ethical hacking in a structured setting across 20 domains
  • Build skills with over 220 challenge-based, hands-on labs with CyberQ Labs
  • Gain experience with over 500 unique attach techniques
  • Compete with hackers around the world as part of the program

Skills you will gain:

  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Gaining access
  • Perimeter and Web app exploitation
  • Mobile, IoT, OT Exploitation
  • Session hijacking
  • Enumeration
  • SQL Injection
  • Evading Firewalls
  • Cloud computing

Exam Details:

Test length (in hours)4
Recommended Experience2 years of experience working in IT security
Mode of testOnline (Instructor-led or Self-paced)

Final Word:

It is massively a profitable way to go about leveraging higher credibility for yourself as a cybersecurity professional. Earning a cybersecurity certification is poised to make a difference in the way cyber industry giants look at your capabilities. Make the decision now to boost your career manifold with the most trusted and easy-on-the-pocket credentialling expert today!

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