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Beautiful Bangkok – A family tourist spot

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Bangkok is one of the world’s most favorite destinations among the tourists. It is the capital city of Thailand, also known as the land of Siams.

Beautiful Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most populous cities in the country and it is home to business and finance, making it the economic heart of the nation.

Six to seven decades back the place was under the rule of monarchy.

Due to the growth of the Asia’s economy the city also started its rapid growth in better buildings and corporate business houses.

More developments and more investments have gained importance through the last few decades.

Some of the interesting sites to visit in the city are:

Erawan Museum
Temple of the Golden Temple
David Beckham Temple
Temple of Dawn
China Town
Wat Hua Lumphong
Phra Sumen Fort
Wat Indra Vihran

 The city has a family history of around 500 to 600 years old. Now it has greater number of commercials banks and financial institutions. The most attractive place to visit in Bangkok is the Wat Phra Kaeo.

The place is not free from political protests and possessions. In spite of it the city has major connectivity to the famous cities across the world.

Transport system is relatively better than most other cities on earth. The climate is also quite good ranging from sunny season to rainy and to cold periods. The majority of the people follow Bhuddism with a great number of temples in the city. A great place for family tourist.

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