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Details On Types and Benefits of Conveyor Systems

HomeStoriesDetails On Types and Benefits of Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems are mechanical equipment situated within an area that transports heavy goods from one place to another automatically when powered. We might have seen them in big manufacturing units, airports, and railway stations. We are how convenient this is to travel by air because we don’t have to worry about our luggage and when we reach, we get those in front of us. No human employee is doing this. Rather, it is the benefit of having a conveyor system – fast and bulk delivery.

But not all conveyor systems are equal. Well, they fulfill the same purpose but have different mechanisms as per the production requirement. You can find a wide range of conveyor systems. Here you will gain some knowledge about different types of conveyor systems, how they work, and how they benefit us.

Types of conveyor systems

If you know how a conveyor system can do your job with more speed and efficiency you might be thinking to install one in your factory or any other place you want. Before that, you must know what the different types of conveyor systems are so that, you can find the right one that will fulfill your purpose of buying it.

Generally, conveyor systems have a machine and a medium. When the machine is on, the medium moves in circulation, helping things to shift from one place to another. Depending on the type of medium conveyor systems varies.

Belt conveyor

By the name, it might be clear that the medium is belt here and we have seen this conveyor system in so many places. This is the most common type. There can be one or two pulleys and the belt around them. The pulleys will push the best to the role and things will be shifted. Two main types of belt conveyors can be seen.

The first type transfers general materials or bigger materials such as bags, boxes, packages, products, etc.

The second type is that carries small grains, sand, salt, coal, etc.

Roller conveyor

Here the medium is a chain. In this type of conveyor systems, a sprocket is here, and the chain is covered over the sprocket. The machine runs the sprocket and the chain moves. These conveyor systems are sturdy and can carry huge weight. They are used to carry industrial containers, automobiles, grid boxes, or other heavy and bulky materials.


Screw conveyor

As the name suggests, the medium here looks like a bigger form of a screw. This is probably the first type of conveyor system that has been invented. There is a helical blade that supports materials and moves them. They are used for granular and liquid materials like animal food, food waste, wood chips, ash, etc.

Cable conveyor

These conveyor systems are great when you are concerned about that kind of thing that needs moving safely and without any contact with other things. The most used cable conveyor is a tuber cable conveyor that is a sealed tube with stainless steel coating and materials move through it. You can use these conveyor systems for transporting any small granular thing. Such as coffee, grain, frozen food, seeds, fluff plastics, beans, cereals, animal food, etc.


These are some commonly used conveyors systems. There are many more. Depending on the machine power, workability, and other factors, conveyor systems can vary even more. You can find some conveyor systems with customized belts like transporting eggs because they need good support. So, there are many types of these things. When you will be buying one, know your purpose well and how much work efficiency you want. If you are clear about these things, you will end up purchasing the perfect one for you.

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