Family Recipe: Fruit Seeds Traditional Indian Payasam

    Home Wellness Family Recipe: Fruit Seeds Traditional Indian Payasam

    Have you ever tried to prepare payasam at home? It is a form of pudding and it is one of the favorite dishes in India. Normally people have this recipe during festival seasons and on special occasions.

    How to prepare payasam?

    Please follow the below guidelines to make the dish by yourself.


    Jack-fruit seeds-1 cup, Gram (Parippu)-half cup, Coconut milk-100 ml, Cinnamon powder-half teaspoon, Jaggery-200 gram, Cashew nuts-50 gram, Raisins-50 gram, Salt-as needed.

    Steps to prepare:

    >> Mix parippu and jack-fruit seeds in a pressure cooker with required water and salt.

    >> Close the cooker lid and heat it in the stove till three whistles are heard.

    >> Check if the mix is properly forming paste. If not heat it for some more time.

    How to making jaggery juice?

    Take 200 gram of jaggery and immerse it in boiling water till the jaggery is dissolved.

    How to make Coconut milk?

    Grind the coconut pieces in a mixer with a little water. After it is fully grinned squeeze the mix to get the milk in a cup.

    This is the first cup of coconut milk. Again use some more water in the remaining coconut mix.

    Grind it in the mixer to get some more milk in a different cup. This is the second cup of coconut milk. Cashew nuts and raisins should be fried in ghee and kept ready in a small plate.

    >> Now heat the urli (steel bowl) for a few minutes with ghee in low flames.

    >> Transfer the mix of parippu and jack-fruit seeds that was earlier prepared into the urli.

    >> Also pour the jaggery juice and the second cup of coconut milk into the urli.

    >> Stir the contents for nearly 10 minutes in low flames. Then add the first cup of coconut milk.

    >> Again stir to make sure that the ingredients are mixed thoroughly.

    >> Add cinnamon powder, cashew nuts and raisins to it.

    The recipe is ready for 5-10 people. Serve it hot for better taste.

    Note: It is very sweet and so diabetic patients may kindly excuse this. A delicious family recipe you will enjoy.

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    Neethu George
    Neethu George
    Neethu is a B.Tech graduate from Vivekananda Institute of Technology for Women and has completed MBA in Finance. Preparing interesting dishes is one of her interests in life. Watching movies is her favorite entertainment. Positive in her outlook and open minded in nature.

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