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ARMember–WordPress Membership plugin (Updated)

HomeTechnologyARMember–WordPress Membership plugin (Updated)

Having an online business isn’t big deal in today’s growing trend for emerging online businesses With WordPress Membership plugin.

Though many of the businesses isolate themselves from the idea of creating a membership platform, building one can make a higher possibility to reach the audience who urges to have a similar interest for what you offer on your membership website.

Membership websites are not just bound with selling the products, rather it has a seamless possibility to promote your knowledge base expertise, building community forums, online learning courses, and similar other projects. 

Even many of the smart bloggers, gym membership, and so many other niches can make blazing money with the membership website.

Before building a membership website, first, you will have to choose a membership platform, WordPress could be a sure bet in that. 

Further, you will require to add some premium content where your different level of members can have access to your premium content. For doing so, you will need a super-powerful WordPress membership plugin to get access to seamless features to build a successful membership website.

We will discuss the ARMember WordPress membership plugin that has gained tremendous popularity among all the other WordPress membership plugins. 

From its impressive user interface, this awesome plugin comes with so many unique features that are hard to find in any other WordPress membership plugin.

Even to boost your membership website business and to bring it to the next level, ARMember WordPress membership plugin offers many free as well as paid Add-ons if you are looking to scale up your membership website in a  short time.

Here, in this article, we will dig down into a broader look upon how ARMember WordPress membership plugin functions and help you out to outshine your membership business competitors.

ARMember Introduction

ARMember is a WordPress membership plugin that can help you to build a successful membership website that can generate a recurring income.

In short, with the ARMember WordPress membership plugin, you will be able to build a more reliable income rather than just the passive income.           

It is such a robust plugin with the use of its features access, you would no more require any coding skills as it has a pretty simple drag and drop interface.

Allows Gated Content with the Use of Content Restriction

With ARMember, Your Membership website content protection is just a few clicks away. This means, when you want to allow the content access for the different membership plans, then you can select the membership plan for which you want to allow access to your specific content.

ARMember WordPress membership plugin gives you the option to set content protection access rules for WordPress pages, posts, custom posts, taxonomy, navigation menu links, BuddyPress pages, special pages, and more. 

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Drip Content

Drip Content is an interesting feature in the ARMember WordPress membership plugin that lets you schedule the content release of your selected membership plans.

With Drip Content, you can select the content type like page, post, custom content, user posts, and products.

The best part is, you can select the “Drip Type” from the Add New Rule button in ARMember to drip content Immediately, After certain time of Subscription, From

Specific date onwards, After certain time post is published, or After certain time post is modified.

You can set drip rule for page, post, products, user posts, and even ARMember has the option for the custom content (with the use of shortcodes) if you want to drip some part of the content.

To give you a better glimpse, just imagine a gym membership! 

First, you sign up for one type of membership level where you have the access to some basic fitness machines, further if you access the higher-level membership plan, then you get access to steam and advanced level of fitness equipment.

The same goes for the drip content in the ARMember WordPress membership plugin, you can allow access to your premium content to the different level of membership plans. 

An Absolute Membership Setup Wizard

The Membership setup wizard is a powerful feature of the ARMember WordPress membership plugin. With a single shortcode usage, you can easily integrate your plans, your registration form, payment gateways, and coupons.

can add this shortcode from any WordPress editor simply from the ARMember shortcodes option.

Unique Pay Per Post Setup Wizard

If you are looking to make a single page or a post as a paid, then in that scenario you can use the functionality of pay per post.

This functionality works for the WordPress pages, posts, and custom post type:

Multiple Payment Cycles

If you are looking to showcase multiple payment cycles to your membership website members where they have the multiple recurring payment options like daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or it could be a one-time fee for lifetime access to your premium content.

Bonus Tip: There is an added feature of the Grace period that can help you to extend the number of days even after the expiration of the membership plan for any selected member. This way, you can build more trust over your members and stop losing them if they forget to pay for their membership plan due to some reason.

Built-In Form Builder

ARMember WordPress membership plugin facilitates with the built-In Form Builder to create beautiful signup or login forms with so many customization options like the color option, adding fields, labels, submit button, and even allows you to add custom CSS to style up the form as per your choice.

Moreover, there are pre-built ready to use form templates that you can choose

Connecting with the opt-in Email marketing platforms has just got easier with ARMember as you can simply connect it to some popular email marketing campaigns like Aweber, MailChimp, Constant Contact, and more.

Email Notifications

ARMember WordPress Membership plugin offers you to send the email notifications from the Email Notifications tab

With the use of the Template Tags, you can easily address the subscribers by their first name, last name, username, user email address, and many more options.

Social Login Via Most popular Social Network

ARMember WordPress membership plugin has this in-built feature of social connections through the popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, VK and Google+ so you can simply log in via any of those without ever need of filling those fields with username, first name, last name, email address, and so on!

Some of the Eye-Catchy AddOns of ARMember

Digital Download Addon

This addon is much useful as it allows you to have the downloadable products on any page or post with the use of shortcodes and you can even restrict access to those downloadable products for any membership plan. 

ARMember Affiliate Addon

ARMember WordPress membership plugin offers a native Add-on known as ARMember Affiliate that can be easily integrated within ARMember and helps you to make more revenue.

Social Community Addon for ARMember

This add-on helps you to create an on-site social network that allows members to participate in the community, send the friend connection request and accept a friend request, follow/unfollow, private messaging, post comments, and many more options.

Member Network Site Addon

Allows your members to create subsite subscription forms as per the member’s plan permissions you set for the members.

SMS Notification Addon

If you want to send automated SMS notifications with OTP (One Time Password) facility for signup verification, update password, purchase membership plan, cancel membership, and more.

Simultaneously, ARMember offers easy integration third-party integrations with platforms like Zapier, Keap, AffiliatePro, Mautic, WooCommerce Discount, and Paystack. 

All in all, ARMember provides around 21 Addons.

There are other features in ARMember WordPress Membership plugin such as:

  • A built-in facility to sell subscriptions using WooCommerce
  • User Profile Templates and Directories

Block IP Address, Username or Signup, Block URLs, and you can even enable the login attempt security as well.

Badges & Achievements for different membership levels to create and configure steps to achieve badges.

Facilitates two-step login verification

Final Takes

At last, after looking over all the above-mentioned features, you will rest assured to build a successful WordPress membership website using the ARMember WordPress membership plugin.  

With all these astonishing features, we think it’s a total worth to get the ARMember WordPress membership plugin with just a nominal price of $49 for its regular license. We would like to hear your take on this, just leave us your valuable comments and tell us what you think about this amazing WordPress plugin!

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