What is the story behind starting the social blogging site, inpeaks.com?

I take this opportunity to share my story of why did I start this blogging site, www.inpeaks.com.

Story of InPeaks

For those of you who are new to the word ‘Blogging’, let me give you a brief description -‘it is the practice of writing pieces of informative articles around 300-500 words on an online website’.

The growth of blogs started in the 1990’s and now it has become a source of income for most of the bloggers.

Initially, for me internet is something valuable and precious that holds all sorts of information around the globe. It is easily accessible with a computer system.

So my curiosity grew over World Wide Web, websites, shopping, advertising and online banking.

During school days I started a personal social site with google sub-domain.

Next during my college days I started a small website by name neoflames.com with one of my classmates,  about mobile ring tones and wallpapers.

We were not able to continue because of study commitments and examinations.

Later it was slightly a tough time searching for jobs after completing engineering. I was not prepared to invest money for anything.

That was a time when I started a family website called chittilappilly.com.

There was enough work involved to translate the family tree and the family member addresses from our native language (Malayalam) into English.

It was done with the help received from my father, C.C. Antonees. That site went for around 2 years and stopped to continue because of lack of funds.

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A few years passed when I was placed in an IT company and began gaining knowledge on the computer systems and its security.

However the interest in the internet community still persisted. There is a desire to share knowledge and information to the people around me.

So I felt, ‘Why not give yet another attempt to start a blogging site’. That is the seed of inpeaks.com, your views our reviews, digital opinions for your decisions.

It is mainly categorized into three, namely career, family and society.

It also showcases a few online short term courses to help you with the necessary skills.

It was in 2016 that I started to get more and more online social information to take things further in the idea of blogging.

Started learning more about content management like wordpress, plugins, design, layout, blogger’s challenges, keywords, Search Engine Optimization, caching, hosting, domains, security, mailchimp, rss feed, social media, Disqus comment system, Google Analytics, CSS and CDN.

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Currently the reader strength is less as compared to the big players in the market who have started their sites 10+ years back.

I would not think that because I started a little late to the blogging world should stop me from moving forward.  ‘Never Give Up’!

As per the google statistics it takes just close to 2 years for the site to be indexed in the search engines.

Future plan is to continue bringing more creative content in the site with better consistency.

Our goal is to make it sustainable enough to produce resourceful insights to the readers.

Financially there is a plan to bring social income through google ad sense and advertisements.

On a personal note we would like to invite visitors to guest blog on the site, interact and engage for improved results.

Appreciate you leave a few comments on the site’s posts with your valuable suggestions, opinions and ideas.

Hope you will enjoy it. Finally we need your wholehearted support to improve this social blogging site better and better.

Thank you

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Panchal C A
Panchal C A is a native of Kerala in India. He has completed his B.Tech and MBA from Mahatma Gandhi university and Cochin university respectively. His hobbies include playing table tennis, reading books, and social networking.



  1. Hey, Panchal! Thanks for letting us in on your process of blogging about a variety of subjects! The topics you are addressing here are much-needed in my personal experience. So keep it up! 🙂

    • You’re always welcome Anna Harris. Good to know that the topics are really helping you in your personal experiences. Career, family and society are a part of everyone’s life. So keep visiting to find new pieces of information. Thank you Anna.

  2. The road to success is not an overnight thing. It takes commitment and patience to reach higher heights. Thanks for sharing your blogging journey. It’s an inspiration to the new bloggers.

    • Right, success takes time. Do not dwell in it for long as there are more things to succeed in life. Money is just the by product of your work. So please make sure if you could help anyone out there who needs your guidance. Thank you for the feedback. Keep visiting.

  3. You clearly have a lot of experience as a blogger sometimes things pop up suddenly and it had to be on hold and I admire that you never gave up on you dream

    • There is still a long way to go in the journey of blogging. Now it has become a point that as long as you feel happy of what good you are doing keep moving forward. Hopefully it will help a few readers to reach their goals. Thank you for your opinion. Keep visiting.

  4. Thank you for sharing your experience in the world of blogging with us. You’re a good example of not giving up on your dreams no matter how bumpy the ride may be. Thanks.


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