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Are remote employees really feeling more connected? Here are a few tips

HomeWellnessAre remote employees really feeling more connected? Here are a few tips

Remote employees are a growing part of today’s workforce. But, with the growth in remote work comes unique challenges for companies looking to make their remote workers feel more connected and engaged.

Here are some tips for making remote employees feel more connected.

Keep an Open Line of Communication

Do your remote team members know how to contact you if they have a question or issue? Are they clear on how you want to communicate with them? It’s important for remote employees to feel comfortable and confident communicating with you via email or any other remote communication tool.

Also, ensure they feel comfortable communicating with other team members. A good rule of thumb is to keep the frequency of communication at 1–2 times per day for remote workers.

If your remote team can freely communicate their concerns, ideas, or expectations, you will see the effect on performance.

Use Collaboration Tools

Introduce your remote team to any modern tools they need to succeed. For example, the tools should foster communication between employees and between you and the employees. You can take advantage of team collaboration software, instant messaging, and cloud-based storage tools.

Once you introduce a collaboration tool, ensure each team member is comfortable using the tool. You may hold a practice session to verify the efficiency of the tool before you settle on its permanent use.

Also, you can contact virtual event companies if you ever want to host a virtual event or virtual conference that remote employees can feel engaged in as if they are physically present at the event.

Be SMART with Available Tools and Resources

When choosing the tools for remote work, make sure you’re SMART with the needs of your team mind. A SMART approach will allow you to focus only on what is essential. For example, you might only need a spreadsheet for your team to use when planning their next vacation or days off, but your company may have a virtual team-lead software exclusive to your office.

Make sure you list the core tools you need, with SMART goals written on each tool’s itemization form. The approach will help you stay focused on the right things and avoid putting too much emphasis on the wrong ones.

Create a Safer Online Space

Some businesses don’t need a physical space. In this case, you will need to communicate with your employees online and still complete projects successfully. To succeed, you may need to create a safe online space where your team can share ideas and meet goals comfortably. You can also run online team-building activities to brainstorm ideas on how you may approach the next project.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Feedback and Advice

Asking your remote team members for feedback is one of the most important things you can do. While no two people have the same experience when it comes to work, there are still things that everyone can do to help.

For example, if you are planning a team-building activity that your remote team members will enjoy, ask them what they’d like to do. Also, if you’re unsure how to solve a problem that your remote team members might face, offer to work as a team. It may sound simple, but it can make a big difference in building stronger relationships with your remote team.

Create a Mentor Program

Having a mentor program can be a real lifesaver for remote employees. It is a chance for your remote team members to get help with specific challenges and receive support. Whether you run a formal program or create an informal advisory group, the idea is to have someone there who can help guide your team through a problem.

Celebrate Your Team

Your remote team members deserve to be treated like real people, not numbers. They deserve to be recognized for their work and held accountable for results. Celebrate your team members when they succeed and recognize their efforts when they don’t. Recognizing good work positively will make your remote team members feel good about themselves and help them feel productive and engaged.


Treating remote team members like real people is the best way to make them feel more connected and engaged. Therefore, you should adhere to the above tips to ensure that your remote employees feel connected and included.

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