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    There is so many shipping containers for you to choose from, it’s understandably hard to ensure that you’re getting the shipping container that is right for you. So, how do you go about choosing the right shipping container?

    Use our guide to them, of course! This blog post is designed to help you understand the difference between the different shipping containers that are available, and why they’re all different.

    We’re going to tell you the individual advantages of each to make sure that the container is going to provide what you want from it.

    Equipment Housings

    The use of an equipment housing shipping container is pretty obvious: housing equipment; regardless, we’re going to explain this type of shipping container in some more detail.

    YMC are market leaders in the supply of fully integrated factory-built housings. As we offer bespoke equipment to you, everything that you could possibly want or need is accounted for with the equipment housing that we create for you.

    Whether you’re looking for a standalone building or a large multi-module building, your needs are catered accurately and precisely. If you have equipment that’s very important to your business, it’s crucial to make sure you keep it safe. Fortunately, equipment housings allow you to keep equipment protected.

    Swap Body Containers

    If you are in need of an innovative, versatile and robust shipping container that’s suitable for rail, road and sea transportation, you’ve discovered the ideal container for your needs.

    The swap body container is one of our most popular products, mainly because it was designed with buyers like you in mind. After previous and potential buyers told us what they wanted from a swap body container we took everything said into consideration and made exactly what you’d asked for.

    Despite the swap body container design existing previously, we made a number of innovations to the standard swap body container.

    All of our swap body containers also meet the industry requirements, meaning that you know you’re going to get a quality product for the money that you invest in your containers. Swap body containers are larger than the standard shipping containers, so you can fit more in.

    This means that a swap body container is more value for your money.

    Nuclear Freight Containers

    If you’re transporting materials that are potentially hazardous, it’s obviously necessary that the materials are transported extremely carefully to avoid any problems. This leads into having separate containers that are designed specifically to ensure that nuclear waste materials are transported to their destination safely.

    Our NucCon nuclear containers have been specifically designed and developed to meet the needs of our customers from the nuclear industry. We provide ourselves on supplying the highest quality shipping containers, so we worked directly with our customers to ensure that the result was exactly what was required by them.

    With something such as nuclear waste, it’s potentially dangerous to cut corners and provide a container that doesn’t meet the needs of a business; that’s why we worked to ensure the containers could guarantee the materials would be secure.

    Our custom-made solutions are designed to ensure they meet the customer’s specific needs. We always guarantee to our customers that we’ll meet their specifications so that the end result is exactly what they were expecting.

    No matter what size of container is required, we incorporate extremely stringent safety and protection checks in the process of designing and constructing your bespoke container to guarantee the safety of it.

    All of the containers we construct are developed under the ISO 9001 quality management system. Also, independent checks for classification societies mean that you can be assured you’re ordering and receiving a quality product.

    This article is written by Jack Mitchell with useful information from YMC.

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