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5 Tips For Organic Gardening In Limited Space

HomeWellness5 Tips For Organic Gardening In Limited Space

Everywhere you or I turn today we read, see or hear about how we need to be more consciences about the food we and our children eat.

One of the surest ways to improve the diets of our kids and our self is to grow our fresh veggies using organic gardening.

But if we live in an apartment, condo or have very small yard space our options are extremely limited, for any type of garden much less an organic one.

However, you will find five tips in this article which will put you and your family on the road to better health, when you plant your all natural garden inside containers.

1. In order to be successful with container gardening it is important that you select the right size container for the particular plant, herb or veggie you are going to grow.

An example of this would be that for tomatoes, you will want to use a larger vessel, such as a 5 gallon bucket, which can support a 36? stake, a large vine and the weight of the tomatoes.

Or let’s say you only wanted grow a few herbs, just to spice up your family diners, a good size for that would be something that could fit on any windowsill.

You can find these types of containers at your local nursery, the hardware garden centers and you can even order them on the World Wide Web.

The sizes will run from the ones which sit on the inside of the kitchen window sill to the large free standing ones you place any where.

2. The fact of the matter is you can use almost any type of container to do your organic gardening in.

The absolute secret to using these containers, no matter which kind, is they must have proper drainage.

No matter what you’re growing, if it sits in too much water for a long period of time, the roots will rot and your plant will die.

3. What type of soil can you use in these containers? Don’t even think about going out and taking the dirt out of your yard or garden.

Outside dirt has a tendency to become compacted which will restrict the proper runoff of the water.

Your best bet is to use a high quality type of potting soil.

A quick check on the internet will give you all the information you need for selecting the right potting soil you will need for the types of plants you will be growing.

4. Location, Location, Location, just as in real estate, will determine on how successful your organic gardening will be. Make sure you place the containers where they will get adequate sunlight.

Most of the plants will need from a bare minimum of 4 hours, but 5 to 6 hours of direct sunlight would be much better for them. Most successful gardeners will tell you morning sunlight is the best.

5. It is extremely important that you do not over water or add too much fertilizer to the potting soil.

Too much water and fertilizer will destroy your healthy organic garden. The fertilizer will burn up the roots and the water will cause mold and root rot.

In conclusion, no matter where you live it is possible to have your own successful garden to help improve your family’s diet.

Organic gardening itself will not only make the veggies taste better, but it will mean you are not feeding your children food that was doused in man-made chemicals.

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