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General knowledge hacks: What are some interesting historical facts you must know?

HomeEducationalGeneral knowledge hacks: What are some interesting historical facts you must know?

It is a commonly observed fact that each and every section in the competitive exams requires a different kind of strategy. On the other side of general knowledge, when it comes to the current affairs section, students usually tend to wander into wilderness.

It is so because it is one of those sections for which the students are not that prepared much. They tend to believe that the General Knowledge Section is quite easier to prepare and hence they take it easily.

However, in examinations, they tend to loose marks which ultimately make them disqualify the examinations. If you are a candidate for the SSC-CPO examinations, then you have to ensure that you prepare for the general knowledge sections with your socks pulled up.

It is also important to note that this examination always is interspersed with a lot of questions that pertains to current affairs section. So, if you have executed your strategies in an appropriate manner, you are at an higher risk of making it to the main examinations.

Some ways with the help of which you can master the historical facts of current affairs

It is a commonly observed fact that the general knowledge section is always full of questions that are being asked from the medieval period of Indian and world history. The SSC-CPO examination is not an exception to this fact. It is so because a lot of questions are being asked from this section too.

This is the reason that you should always be on par with the strategies that you can use while preparing for this exam. This exam is an important exam which would always help you to make sure that you have secured your future.

At the time of preparing for the current affairs sections involving medieval history, you should always take care of the under-mentioned strategies for effective learning. Here is the list of all the strategies:

1. You have to make topics on the descending order of their importance.

In this context, it is important to note that you can learn more about their importance by going through the previous year exam papers as well as mock tests.For instance, the chronological listing of all the great rulers during the medieval period would be of great help.

bhola 2. Key data retention technique:

During the preparation process of the current affair section of the SSC-CPO examinations, you always have to lay emphasis on key data retention.It is the reason that a lot of memorization skills are required to make sure that you remember all the key facts. These memorization skills are always needed so that you can make sure that you are taking into account all the key facts.

In this scenario, you can also take help of some mock tests so that they would always help you to make sure that you have remembering the key facts about the ancient history.

3. Mind map:

You have to make sure that you have built your mind map. Your mind map would always help you to ensure that you have created a pathway for remembering all the key facts related to ancient history.

You can also follow the technique of dividing all the topics as per their weight-age of marks so that it would be easier for you to study. After all, time management is an important strategy which you should always be aware of the vital topics.

4. Taking help of movies:

Yes, it might sound bit like of exaggeration, but you can always watch historical movies so that it increases your interest in the topic, the current affair section is always full of historical questions that are commonly asked in the entrance examinations of SSC-CPO.These movies would always be beneficial in making sure that your interest is aroused so that you can have a greater advantage in the competitive examinations.

5. Taking help of online tools:

Online tools would always be helpful in making sure that you are keeping yourself updated about the latest topics of ancient history. It is a commonly observed fact that ancient history is one of those boring topics which a candidate likes to avoid.The end result is negative marking in the competitive examinations. If you brainstorm your mind with the help of online tools, you would always be at a beneficial stage to crack the examinations.

Ancient history is one of those subjects that ought to be remembered in a worthwhile manner. You can take part in online quizzes as well as mock tests so that you are always taking the current affairs section in a worthy manner.

Always remember that this section can be scoring too if you take care of the basic facts in such a manner that you are already benefiting from it.

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Bhola Meena
Bhola Meena
Bhola Meena has founded 3 major Internet-based companies-GetMeCab, HinKhoj, and OnlineTyari. His latest venture OnlineTyari helps over a million students every month in their government exam preparations. He has 7 years of experience as Tech Lead at Microsoft and he is an IIT-Kanpur Alumni.


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