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Strong Team Relationships Boost Morale and Help Businesses

HomeEducationalStrong Team Relationships Boost Morale and Help Businesses

Employees need to work together to move companies forward. When relationships between them are positive, it’s easier for them to excel in the workplace, according to the Harvard Business review website.

Great teams feature staff members who communicate a lot, listen as often as they talk and chat outside of formal meetings.

The value of team-building is backed up by scientific studies, including a research study by MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory.

Business owners and managers should therefore create a work environment that fosters great communication. This may be achieved through top-notch corporate culture, sensitive treatment of staff by management and regular, team-building exercises.

Corporate Culture Should be Top-notch

Some companies are world-renowned for their exceptional corporate cultures. Google is at the top of the list. The powers-that-be at this influential Internet powerhouse ensure that employees feel valued, by providing them with a range of impressive perks, almost all of which contribute to team-building.

This is why Google earned the “Best Company Culture Award”, according to You don’t need to add the nap pods that Google is famous for installing at its Mountainview, California headquarters, but you may want to add other Google-style perks, including a ping-pong table and a few beanbag chairs.

Give employees interesting places to hang out, share ideas and get closer.

Management Should Be Sensitive to Staff

A great corporate culture is a strong foundation, but managers need to build on this foundation by treating their employees with sensitivity, especially when their staff members are going through hard times.

Employees should always feel heard and cared for. For example, if a colleague is coming back to the office after the death of a loved one, management should understand the stages of grief and how the staff member should be supported as he or she returns to the workforce.

According to Forbes, grieving employees should be assured that they may take time off to come to terms with things and deal with any arrangements that need to be made. This type of sensitive communication between management and staff helps to create a strong team.

Plan Some Team-building Exercises

According to Psychology Today, the military molds groups of new recruits into teams by making them march in organized formations.

At the office, a “boot camp” approach isn’t going to work, but there’s no reason not to get staff members together for a little team-building, outside of regular office hours.

Consider planning a corporate retreat, a company softball game or a charitable initiative that everyone works on together. There are so many great ways to get a team on the same page.

Great Communication Starts Today

Now that you know some practical ways to bring people together at your company, why not use them to make your business stronger?

By creating a positive corporate culture (nap pods optional), training management to be sensitive to staff when it really matters and planning team-building exercises, you’ll cover all of the bases.

When relationships between your staff members are strong, your company will be strong, too.

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Cassie Steele
Cassie Steele
My name is Cassie and I spent over a decade working as a ER nurse and first responder. The way I came to cope with this was by meditating and learning to be mindful of my actions and what happened to me in my life. It helped me live a healthier, less stressed life, and made me more effective too. As a freelance writer I like to write on this topic, and have worked with several sites on this and similar health issues.


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