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Today, I was a witness to the contrasting sides of a relationship. While struggling my way through Bangalore’s traffic, I found two couples, in a very close proximity to each other, who caught my attention. What was intriguing was that both were at different stages of their respective relationships.

The first couple, let’s call them X, was probably at the post honeymoon phase of their relationship, while the other, let’s call them Y, appeared to have taken their first steps into the honeymoon period. As the traffic moved slower than a crawling baby, I got ample of time to observe both of them.

The couple X was putting up quite a show on the service road running parallel to the outer ring road. They had managed to grab the attention of everyone who was stranded there.

The woman was furious about something and very evidently thought that trashing her boyfriend/spouse on the road would solve her problem. She was abusing her other half and was smashing his helmet on his bike.

The boyfriend/spouse appeared embarrassed about how the situation was getting out of his hand but was trying his best to calm her down. I don’t know what provoked the woman to take that step, but she could have easily avoided such a farce on the road.

The couple Y was one among the audience that the couple X had garnered. But they were unaffected by the happenings in their surroundings. While enjoying the scene that was being put up, they were also enjoying their evening snacks by the roadside vendor.

The girl from couple Y would, intermittently, run her hands through the guy’s hair. She would even wipe his face from time to time to remove the remnants of the Samosas that they were devouring.

Seeing both of these scenes, my thoughts wandered into a scene from Game of Thrones that throws some light on the abyss of women’s mysterious minds. Jamie Lanister had just returned to Kings landing after his atrocious kidnapping.

He had escaped death miraculously and had lost one hand in the process. When he went on to meet his sister/lover Cersei, an incestuous couple, she was not as happy as he had expected her to be.

On confronting, Cersei said that he was not there for her when she wanted him to be. Jamie argued that it wasn’t his wish to get kidnapped and lose a hand, but Cersei was adamant enough to even listen to him.

For her, it was Jamie’s fault that he was kidnapped and was not with her when she needed him. This scene epitomes the intricacy of a woman’s mind. Let me make it very clear, before writing further what I intend to, that I am not against the women’s fraternity.

The generation before us had exemplified love as it is depicted in the movie ‘Ek duje k liye’. Being a lover in their generation meant that you could go the extent of giving up your life for your partner, only to embrace the sweet release of death from this ruthless world.

Love has, apparently, become a fashion statement for this generation where in having a BF/GF is considered a prerequisite. I have seen girls switch partners faster than Akshay Kumar’s movie releases. Then is it actually love? I was in a relationship for ¼ of my life time. It didn’t work out. Then was it actually love or just a higher level of infatuation?

I am not saying that boys are perfect lovers, they are to be blamed equally, but I am mostly worried about the excuses that girls give before moving on. One of my friends, a girl, is in a happy relationship for 4 years now.

But she falls for other boys faster than rupee falls in a troubled economy. On asking about her recent affair, she said that she spends most of her time with that boy and hence couldn’t evade falling for him.

Another friend of mine, who has been in an even longer relationship, broke her relationship with her boyfriend and got “committed” to someone else. On asking, she said that there was constant discord between them and it was tough to sustain the relation any longer.

When she had got committed for the first time she was very sure about their future. Then where has that future gone now?

She also said that she had loved him unconditionally once, but the situation has changed now. If the love was unconditional, then how did it get affected by few meagre instances that are bound to occur in every relationship?

If you cannot latch on to someone when the times are hard, then why do you call it love? It’s basically an opportunity that you are seeking until you find some other better opportunity.

My rational mind is incapable of understanding what actually goes through a girl’s mind before she commits. Understanding a girl’s thought process is a wild goose chase that even the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci would have feared to pursue.

But as far as my understanding goes, love is a beautiful stage in life where you get to experience bliss and sorrow hand in hand. You continue to love your partner even when the relationship is going through a rough phase, post honeymoon phase, and not quitting and finding bliss with someone else.

Anyway, let’s pray that both the couples, X and Y, find solace with each other and end up becoming the messiah of love.

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Umashankar Satapathy
Umashankar Satapathy
Umashankar is an MBA and is working in a multinational company. He owns cute cats who go by the name of Sunny and Leone. In his free time, he likes to venture into the uncharted world of reptiles. He is an avid follower of games by Rockstar Inc. He has spent his childhood playing video games and continue to do so in whatever time is left after slogging in the office and saving his cats.


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