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Tools That Make Your Assignment Easy and Interesting

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What’s the most horrible thing you hate as a student? Most of you would say assignments, right? The reason most students don’t like working on assignments is because usually, they don’t have time to spend on research and writing.

Another reason could be the lack of expertise in academic writing. Whatever the reason is, you have to complete your assignments and submit them before the due date. That’s a done deal.

Thanks to the latest technological marvels, now you don’t have to rely on traditional writing methods. There are productive tools that can help you make complicated assignment writing tasks a piece of cake.

In this article, you will discover astonishing tools that will assist you through the assignment writing process and take off the burden that makes you feel drowned. 

1.   Rephraser

The first tool on the list is, an online paraphrasing solution that helps you take existing text and turn it into a unique piece with a single click. Due to artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms, the tool has the capability to transform texts into unique and well-written academic pieces.

Suppose you find a piece of text during your internet research, and you think it can go well with your assignments, but the only fear you have is plagiarism. This is where the rephraser jumps in.

You just need to copy that passage, visit a sentence rephraser, paste your text, click paraphrase, and voila! That’s how conveniently you can paraphrase text and quench your academic writing thirst with this word rephraser.

2.   Workflowy

Next on the list, we have workflowy, the ultimate solution for those struggling with brainstorming ideas and organizing thoughts. The tool helps students in preparing their assignments. Whenever you need to create outlines, there is nothing more powerful than workflowy. It works on all major operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome, Web, and MacOS.

The thing about this particular tool is that it organizes the whole outline in bullet points that you can further expand at your discretion.

Users can take advantage of this tool to work on their assignments without having to pay anything. You can enjoy creating up to 250 bullets per month for free. However, the advanced or premium plans can be obtained for $4.99/month. The paid plan lets you enjoy creating unlimited uploads and bullets.

Students looking to streamline the workflow of their assignments can take advantage of this tool and create outlines of their assignments like never before.

3.   Notion

Another remarkable tool to help those who are having a hard time creating their academic assignments. Notion is available for all major platforms, including Web, Windows, Android, MacOS, and iOS.

The notion is considered to be a wonderful tool for notes, transcriptions, posts, and other helpful resources such as academic write-ups. Students who need to complete their assignments on time can create drafts. It also lets you integrate with zapier.

The free plan is available for students and those who have budget constraints. For advanced users, there’s a pro plan available for $8 per month.

4.   Paraphrase Tool

Here comes the Paraphrase tool AI, the ultimate paraphrasing tool for students to use existing materials and create the perfect academic assignments without wasting time. Imagine you are researching on the internet to find helpful stuff to write about the subject matter. Suddenly, you see text that looks perfect for your assignment, but you can’t use it because of plagiarism concerns.

That’s where the paraphrase tool Ai steps in. It will take the existing content and turn it into a unique piece so that you can use it in your assignments without getting worried about plagiarism consequences.

The best thing about this specific online tool is that it comes with a diverse collection of paraphrasing modes. In the current situation, you can choose the ‘Academic’ mode because it has been developed with students in mind. You can create matchless educational assignments using the ‘Academic’ mode on the Paraphrasing Tool.

The basic version is free so that you can get the hang of this without making an initial investment. However, once you are satisfied with the results, you can opt for advanced paid commitments that liberate you from limited paraphrasing. The tool is perfectly secure to use, even for sensitive documents. That means you don’t have to be concerned about any confidential details that you upload to paraphrase.

5.   Online Notepad

Imagine a situation when you are doing your research work on the internet and suddenly see something that is worth noting for your assignment. it could be anything, from statistical data to favorite quotes. This is where online notepad can assist like no other. 

Simply visit the online notepad and start noting whatever you think is good for your assignments. The good thing about the, too is that it is totally free, and you don’t even need to make any financial commitments to start using it.

No need to download and install anything. Just visit the tool online and start taking notes for your pending assignments. The tool also allows you to upload existing note documents, make necessary changes to them, and then download them in your preferred format, such as Word or PDF.


It’s not a piece of cake to work on assignments on different topics. It requires great research work and dedication to complete your pending work meticulously. However, with the help of the right tools, your assignment work can be a breeze.

Tools discussed above can aid in creating assignments and take the extra burden off your shoulders. By leveraging these tools and harnessing their technological power, you can definitely stay on top of your assignments.

That’s how you can strike the right balance between your part-time work and academic journey. However, it is important to use your intellect since no tool can replace the human mind. Make sure you double-check the results and make necessary adjustments to avoid last-minute changes.

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