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Health Issues to Pay Attention to Early in Your Child’s Life

HomeWellnessHealth Issues to Pay Attention to Early in Your Child’s Life

Few things warm a dad’s heart like seeing their kid running up to them after a long day with a big grin on their face and jumping up to hug them. Young children are full of love and joy and are more than happy to share it freely with those around them. 

Of course, that’s easier for your child to do when they’re healthy. Some health issues start early, so it’s important to watch out for them.

Behavioral Problems

Young children are rambunctious and energetic by nature. They don’t have much practice in regulating their emotions, which is where tantrums often come from. Some misbehavior is (relatively) benign. Sometimes it’s a sign of deeper behavior issues. 

Watch out for drastic changes in behavior or personality, frequent outbursts, and tantrums, overly aggressive or intentionally harmful or destructive behavior towards themselves or others, intense worries and fears, or long periods of sadness or withdrawn behavior. These are signs of behavioral disorders that could indicate that your child needs professional help.

Dental Problems

Did you know that dental problems can start even before your child has teeth? This is why you shouldn’t put your child to bed with anything other than water in their cups. Once the teeth start growing, they become more susceptible to decay and need to be regularly brushed. 

Flossing should begin once teeth are touching. Watch out for discoloration and problems with eating. Trouble chewing or swallowing may be a sign of teeth misalignment. Your child should see a dentist starting by the time they turn one or within 6 months of getting their first tooth. They should see an orthodontist around age 7 to catch and treat alignment problems early.

Weight Problems

Maintaining a healthy weight is critical for good overall health. Sometimes weight problems start early–a concerning number of children and youth are obese. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to set children up for success. Children love active play, especially if it means playing with their dads! Play with them often, and provide them with nutrient-dense meals and snack options. Let your child see you enjoying these foods too since that will encourage them to try and enjoy such foods themselves. Being physically active, eating plenty of nutritious foods, and drinking plenty of water between meals will help your child maintain a healthy weight and grow strong.

As a dad, one of your most important responsibilities is to protect your children. Among other things, that means paying attention to their health. Health issues can start at any age. Make sure your children see a pediatrician and pediatric dentist regularly. These healthcare professionals can be some of your best teammates when it comes to keeping your child healthy early on.

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