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Morning Rituals that Will Supercharge Your Mind and Body

Home Wellness Morning Rituals that Will Supercharge Your Mind and Body

There are times when you find yourself having a difficult time starting your day. There are also times when you have already exhausted all your energy but you just woke up. This usually happens to people who are working really hard and those who are spending most of their days at work. It is not easy to convince your mind that you need to be productive throughout the day if you woke up tired and weary because of the work you’ve done the other day.

If your mind and body are not ready to work when you wake up, you need to consider some techniques that can help you get the energy that you need. Sometimes, it is not only about the food that you eat. Most of the time, your morning mood and the preparedness of your body and mind depend on how you start the day. The first thing that you do in the morning will definitely give you the motivation you need. To give you a head start, here are some morning rituals that will help you supercharge your mind and body:

Wake up on time

Aside from getting enough sleep during the night, you also need to wake up on time. Choose the best waking time for you and set an alarm. Make it a habit to wake up at least two hours before you leave home. This will give you more time to organize your day. It will give you time to prepare a healthy breakfast for yourself. This is one thing that a lot of people cannot do nowadays because of all the tasks that need their attention. If you wake up earlier, you will also be able to think of the best recipe to prepare.

Most people who wake up early claim that they have clearer minds and they are more relaxed. This is because they have ample time to do all the necessary preparations and there is also time to meditate. You will certainly start with a peaceful and organized mind. This way, your body can also function well.

Morning workout is best

Many studies have shown that there is a wonderful effect if you are going to start your day with a workout. Exercise will help the brain release a happy hormone that is almost the same with the effect of coffee and dark chocolate. After an hour of jogging and stretching, you will also notice how your body and mood will elevate. This is a great starter for a busy day.

The first thing that you should consider when you plan to work out in the morning is to choose the exercise that you enjoy. Wake up earlier to give yourself more time to exercise. Most successful and happy people claim to have regular workout. You can also make this your morning ritual for a more productive and a successful day.

Drink a glass of lemon water

There are a lot of benefits that you can get from lemon water especially if you are going to drink it in the morning. First, this is a great source of vitamin C and you can be sure that it can boost your immune system. Secondly, it balances the pH in the body and gives you a healthier digestive health. It is also a great source of electrolyte to keep your body hydrated throughout the day.

When the body is healthy, the mind also becomes more responsive. This is why you need to keep yourself hydrated from the start of your day. Just like online phentermine, water can also make you feel good. Level it up by infusing your water with lemon. 

Feed your mind

Whatever you keep in your mind will determine your decisions and other future actions. If you are looking for a simple way to boost your body and mind before you start your day, you can start by reading. There are different reading materials that can keep you well informed. You can grab a copy of the morning paper or you can also start a habit of reading a book.

Feed your mind with happy thoughts, helpful information and anything that will boost you or motivate you to start your day. But always be careful with what you are putting inside your mind. Not all information will be a perfect motivation. Choose the ones that can make you feel good. 

Energize your body with conscious breathing

Conscious breathing has been introduced not only to treat anxiety and panic attacks but also to help you energize yourself. If you woke up feeling like it is going to be one of the days that you do not intend to face because of the pressure that is starting to build up, you can exercise conscious breathing.

There are series of breathing patterns that you can try. You will notice that when you breathe in deeply and breathe out through your nose, something heavy is being released from your system. If you want to be energized and you want to have a clearer mind and a more prepared body, you can practice conscious breathing.

Take a walk

The world is cool, calm and relaxed when you wake up in the morning. There are very few people on the sidewalks and you will hear nature communicating to you through the soft chilly wind, the birds and the blue sky. Take this time to walk around and enjoy your surroundings. The calming effect of the breeze and the fresh surroundings will give you a clear mind.

Taking a walk during the earliest part of the day is a good exercise and it is good for your lungs. It can give you time to think about what you need to accomplish in the next hours. This can be a great time for you to plan ahead.

The importance of your mind and body health should not be taken for granted. If you have a sound mind, you will be able to make good decisions. Start your day with a morning ritual that fits your interest and gives you the mental and physical strength you need. This way, you will be able to have a more successful day. Always remember that what you do during the start of your day will determine your mood and your productivity throughout the day.

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