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    So, do you want to join the merchant navy? You’ve heard all the stories that get paid to go abroad, don’t you? What about the girl in every port story? And you might have been told about the exciting life that sailors are living, right? Are these stories true? Do you think you have the high seas to do?

    What’s the big attraction of the Merchant Navy? Two things usually come to mind – money, and travel abroad. There are other benefits such as tax-free income, fast promotion, and exciting life. But good pay is the primary temptation. You get a tight wage check and you don’t pay taxes.

    You start earning big money at a very young age. The most junior officer on-board ships on an oil tanker is $ 2000 a month (speaking precisely). Junior officers’ contracts can be up to 6 months, while senior officers work for three to four months.

    The work can be continued with officers as well as a crew member working in the shift (as they are called them). Once they complete their duty, they are free, but they have to come back from the shore and start work again. So, you either go to bed or go to Ashoka.

    Working on a ship will not be stopping. The port investment has dropped significantly so the vessel is in the port for a short time. Of course, it depends on the type of ship. Container vessels are on deck just for few hours or it may take 24 hours to deck the cargo ships, oil tankers in port. Port clocks are usually on a six by six basis, and then you return for work.

    So, you can’t go to every port because you can also take rest for few hours. The master of the ship is paying you to board, not to the shelter! That’s not all bad news, you have the urge to seek shelter and do some shopping and maybe watch. Ports are usually far from civilized. Traveling and time are not cheap.

    You are expected to work with the multinational crew. Expect multinational food. Instead of cultural differences, you can be Captain while other officers/crew may be from the Philippines, India, Croatia, Bangladesh or any other country. This variation means that you may not be very similar to them. You may have to spend time alone in your cabin.

    You Can Handle Yourself, Of course, you are likely to be lucky and live with everyone, in which case you will find yourself immersed in different cultures. Or you can have a fortune and travel with most of your nationality.

    Thus, there are many vital points that you need to consider while working in the Merchant Navy. You can discuss the above-described facts with your family and friends to get a better idea before planning  your career in Merchant Navy.

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