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How To Say Au Revoir To Chronic Back Pain

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In the U.S. many people experience persistent chronic back pain. Stem cell treatment might offer a lasting solution to them. Currently, the opioid epidemic is killing thousands of back pain patients. Nevertheless, if stem cell works, it will help in managing the epidemic. Since 1999, incidences if people exceeding their prescribed opioid dose have increased dramatically. In 2015, opioid overdoses killed 33,000 people.

Opioid Addiction

Most opioid-related deaths are due to people getting addicted to various opioids. Normally, they usually get hydrocodone, methadone and oxycodone prescriptions to manage back pain. It affects more than 27 million Americans. A single stem cell dose comprises six million precursor cells. The doctor injects it into damaged discs in your spine’s vertebrae.

Silviu Itescu, an Australian doctor administered the treatment to 100 patients. They had significant improvement in function and a pain relief of more than two years. MRI scans from the patients showed that the stem cells can heal damaged discs. Currently, Silviu and his team are conducting another trial to eliminate the use of opioid prescriptions. Prenatal Chiropractor has the ability to release any interference between the nervous system and the rest of the body.

Chronic Back Pain Treatment

Stem cell treatment is a viable option in treating chronic back pain. Most people experience excruciating pain in the lower back region. Naturally, stem cells are your body’s cells. They help you heal fast after getting minor injuries. The cells reduce inflammation and produce certain factors which aid in rebuilding damaged tissue.

Scientists are performing numerous tests on stem cells to determine their efficiency in curbing degenerative disc disorders. They constitute 22% of back pain cases. Usually, the discs in your vertebrae are shock absorbers. However, they dry little by little due to aging or friction. Consequentially, the discs shrink and lose their cushioning ability. It damages your nerves. Also, disc injury can cause inflammation.

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back pain

Some back-pain patients who have received the stem cell treatment have healed fully. Most of them can comfortably carry out their day-to-day activities. Silviu’s company presented the results in the US Spine Intervention Society in August. They will provide more details in the Piper Jaffray Conference in November.

Silviu obtains stem cells for donors’ bone marrow and grows them in a laboratory. It’s challenging to identify the precursor cells using a patient’s immune system helps to eliminate the need for them to take an immunosuppressant. After injecting them into your body, precursor cells rebuild cracked and dried vertebral discs. They trigger the discs to trap water.

Alternative Back Pain Treatment Options

Opioid addiction is not restricted to America only. It’s a major health concern in Australia and the UK. For instance, since 2000, there has been a drastic increase in the number of opioid-related deaths in Australia. Extensive research is being conducted to seek safe back pain treatment options. The Johns Hopkins Centre recommends using physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medication. It doesn’t cause serious side effects.

However, such treatments may not offer a long-term solution to chronic back pain. Some doctors claim that current back pain treatments fail after a short duration. They emphasize the need to seek better treatment options to replace opioid prescriptions.

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Myles Bradley
Myles Bradley is a graduate of Cornell Medical College and enjoys hiking and jogging in his free time. While in Cornell he was engaged in world-class clinical care and cutting-edge research that connects patients to the latest treatment innovations and prevention strategies.


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