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Find the Utility of Biometric Attendance System for Surveillance

HomeEducationalFind the Utility of Biometric Attendance System for Surveillance

Surveillance refers to the activity of monitoring and recording the doings of people, usually for managing, influencing or protecting. Surveillance machines include recording cameras, tape recorders, machines for intercepting e-mails and other postal type communication.

One may need to exert caution in the use of these machines, as they are known to have both positive as well as negative influence on the targeted people. Biometric attendance machine in Delhi is a useful tool for governments to control their citizens, recognize and monitor threats, and prevent criminal activity.

Why a Company Needs Biometric Attendance System

Every company big or small is now using biometric machines for tracking attendance of their employees. An employee needs to punch his or her finger as and when he or she enters the office to record the time. This works as the deciding factor of the payroll of any employee and the controlling system to decide salary.

Additionally, these machines also include access control systems. Starting from Biometric Attendance System machine to a more complex system of smart cards, these systems are quite elaborate in their functioning. You can select from a wide variety of available options, depending upon your need and requirements.

In access control systems, users must present valid credentials before granting them access. In physical systems, these credentials may come in any forms, but credentials that cannot be transferred provide the safest security systems.

Factors for Authentication

The success of these machines basically depends upon the level of security it uses to authenticate the persons. Essentially, there are three main factors that can be used for authentication:

  • A pin or password, which is known only to the users.
  • Biometric measurement, such as fingerprint scan, the retinal scan.
  • The smart card or a key, which belongs to the users.

With the help of these guidelines, one can understand how these Access Control Systems operate and give access to valuable information. Basically, door lock access control system models have an object and a subject. The human user, forming the subject, is the one trying to gain access to the object – usually the software. You will find that these models contain a list which in turn contains a list of permissions and the users to whom these permissions apply.

The access control basically works on the following principles:

  1. The principle of Least Privileged: If you belong to a particular group for which nothing has been specifically configured then you should not be able to access it.
  2. Separation of duties.
  3. Need to Know: It is based on the concept that you can access only that much information which is necessarily required by you to perform the assigned duties.

What practices does it follow?

Some of the common practices that the access module performs are as follows:

  • Prevent access to unidentified users.
  • Suspend access capability after a specified number of failed login attempts.
  • Enforce strict access criteria.
  • Limit and monitor global access rules.
  • Enforce password rotation.

How do you choose your access module?

It is of great importance that you select a proper module according to your needs and conditions. It is an essential practice so that you may not have to face any problem in the future. If these parameters are followed then it will be easy to decide which system to install:

  1. Level of Security needed.
  2. The number of people going to use this system.
  3. Do you need to record who have accessed the premises?

The access modules form an important component of finger reader machine, and they can be effectively used to allow selective access to valuable information. You can use these modules according to your needs.

Biometric attendance machine has provided quite an interesting insight into the world of surveillance machines and the various access modules used in modern times. He hopes that his content was quite knowledgeable for the readers.

In order to control access and to track attendance of a person it is important to use devices like biometric punching. Working on fingerprints or eye contact, these devices work to track the presence and absence of a person in daily routine.

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