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How do I find the shortest tenancy student accommodation in Exeter, UK?

HomeEducationalHow do I find the shortest tenancy student accommodation in Exeter, UK?

Living on your own for the first time can be an exciting yet daunting experience. Especially if you are an international student, you need to know all the details of your accommodation. The task of finding a student accommodation does not merely end with checking the availability of the amenities. As a tenant, you need to know your rights and duties during your stay in the student accommodation in Exeter.

Tenancy in the UK is usually clearly defined. For international students, there are guides that you can follow. When it comes to tenancy, there are two kinds primarily – short-term and long-term tenancy. You must choose the one which matches your university and course schedule. This article will discuss two such accommodations in Exeter, UK – Point Exe Exeter and The Neighbourhood Exeter which offers short-term tenancy to students. But before any of that, let’s go over some basics of student accommodation Exeter and in the UK in general.

What is a Tenancy Agreement?

After selecting an accommodation, you will need to fill out a tenancy agreement. The tenancy agreement is a legally binding document between the landlord and the student. It lays down the roles and responsibilities of both parties. This agreement covers the basics of student stay in that particular accommodation. Before you sign, it is better to go over this document thoroughly. 

The Neighbourhood Exeter offers students a tenancy of 51 weeks. This is pretty much the standard time period since it covers an entire year of university. Of course, you can always opt for an even shorter tenancy period. If you are doing a short term or diploma course, such tenancy periods serve your purpose at an affordable price. 

Point Exe Exeter offers a tenancy of 42 weeks. For those looking for slightly shorter tenancies, can definitely check it out. 

What are the different types of Tenancy Agreements? 

Tenancy agreements for student accommodation in Exeter are usually of two types. They are the shorthold tenancy agreement and the fixed term tenancy agreement. 

Shorthold tenancy agreements are usually of 12 months with a 6 months fixed period. During this fixed period, the student cannot be asked to vacate the accommodation unless they have violated any major clause in the agreement. 

The fixed-term agreement is a popular choice among international students. It usually covers an entire academic year. 

Things to check in your Tenancy Agreement

  1. What to do during damage/repairs?

Most minor repairs like the breaking of an object fall under the students’ responsibility. Before moving out, you are supposed to fix such things. However, major repairs fall under the landlord’s duty. Things like pests are a tricky area. They can either be the student’s or the landlord’s responsibility. 

Point Exe Exeter and The Neighbourhood Exeter both have clearly defined tenancy agreements. If you are planning to move to Exeter for your studies, you can try these wholesome student accommodations. Both are located conveniently and offer amazing amenities to residents. 

  1. Can you decorate your own room?

This is a common question among students wanting to shift to student accommodations. The desire to decorate your room your way grows even stronger if it is a studio or an ensuite private room. However, even to put up a poster on your wall, you can be charged for nailing or destroying the aesthetics of the property. Technically, a student is supposed to leave the room in the exact same condition. If these terms are not specified in the tenancy agreement, it is advisable to ask the landlord directly. The same goes if you want to paint over a wall in your room. 

Point Exe Exeter and The Neighbourhood Exeter have spacious and well-ventilated rooms for you to stay in. Choose from a range of options from ensuites to studios. All the rooms are fully furnished and comfortable to make you feel at home. 

  1. What will be the status of student accommodation in Exeter during holidays?

During those long holidays, most students prefer to visit their homes. So what happens to the student accommodation then? Most student accommodations in Exeter and in the UK in general, offer tenancy for an entire academic year. So you can leave without any obligations during the end of the year holidays. 

However, if you have rented privately, you must ask your landlord regarding this issue. For private tenancies, students are usually expected to stay for an entire year, irrespective of their university schedule. So if you leave during the holidays, what happens to the rent? Some lenient landlords allow you to pay half the rent while you are on a holiday. 

Overall, before signing any tenancy agreement, be sure to read the fine print. You would not want a rough onboarding during your education abroad journey. Both the Point Exe Exeter and The Neighbourhood Exeter are students’ favourites when it comes to choosing accommodations. With both short term and long term tenancies, these two properties are worthy of checking out during your stay at Exeter, UK.

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