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Math is a tough step and each of its concepts require to be understood step-by-step. Many people also require expert guidance to understand the concepts of mathematics. As it is a basic subject, it is included in the syllabus of every class. Also, it is extensively applied in different fields to make students understand its concepts from the roots.

Students, who have in-depth knowledge of math or are trying to get thorough knowledge of maths will surely be benefited in their career. Several educational portals are available online that are offering different kind of learning assistance to the students to make learning easy and effective. Mostly, these learning sessions are well-designed by the experts but still many students may not find them interesting enough.

On the other hand, if you get assistance in improving your subject knowledge by playing a game online then what could be better than this? Quizistan is an online knowledge quiz game which has math quiz questions with answers, which can help people learn math in a fun way. This trivia quiz not only keeps students engaged but simultaneously brush up their knowledge in a smart way. Students often feel bored to solve the math questions included in their syllabus.

Hence, they lose their interest in practicing Maths on regular basis. In this situation, a math quiz plays an important role. By playing quiz games, they can evaluate their overall expertise.

Those students who are preparing for an exam should take breaks as long study sessions can make them tired and less focused. It’s a perfect idea to play online games in mobile and try their luck to win some real cash. This provides them a chance to make an extra earning and at the same time gain some extra knowledge of their subject matter.

Question bank of Quizistan is designed in a way to provide the students with an ease in understanding the basics of each section of maths. A player has only 10 seconds to answer a question which requires brainstorming. Students can take puzzles designed on the basis of different concepts such as arithmetic maths, geometry, number system, algebra, ration and proportion, percentage, calendar, simple interest and compound interest, travel, work, time and speed and many more concepts.

Apart from maths quiz, Quizistan has some more topics for its users that also require basic knowledge of the subjects to earn a cash prize. These subjects include science, geography and history, gk, Bollywood, who am I, music, mythology and many others to come in near future. You won’t be eliminated at any point of the quiz game, which means you always have a chance to win the game.

If you refer a friend, you will get a 50-50 lifeline which can be used at any time in the game. As soon it’s used, two wrong options will be deleted from the screen and it will become quite easy for you to answer the question.

Finally, you can download Quizistan for free from Google Play Store for android users and App store for iOS users.

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