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SMS APIs A Technology To Succeed In The Competitive Business Age

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These days, competition is increasing rapidly and dramatically. You might know that competition is the fact of business life. In fact, the higher the level of business competition, the more the demand for products and services you will get.

To win over the competitors you require an effective marketing channel to create brand awareness in the market. Every businessperson wants that their more and more products should be sell in less time that is why marketing has become the vital part for a business niche.

Your customers check their phones 150 times per day! So why aren’t you marketing to them on their cell phones only?

An effective SMS mobile marketing strategy will help business to achieve the goals of attracting and retaining customers across the world. Many owners believe that bulk SMS services over email marketing are popular when it comes to promoting goods & services.

APIs are the modern technology in the SMS industry which was launched by bulk SMS API provider in India to enables the functionality of SMS services into any other business management, accounting software, mobile apps, and websites. This makes communication faster than before. Marketers are now able to send notifications, reminders, and alerts straight from the installed application.

As no business owner has a budget to set up bulk SMS software that is why the use of API made the functionality of one system to another system.

  • Marketing with text messages puts your every important information into their hands… literally.
  • 97% of text messages usually get opened and read.
  • 27% of emails are opened only.
  • 2-6% of social media posts like Twitter, Facebook are seen by your audience.

Mass text messaging to your targeted audiences is like ‘‘Relationship Building on STEROIDS’’. Many of us use text SMS feature to share information with friends, colleagues and loved one. When your company sends text messages, it seems personal. Not like advertising. Modern SMS mobile marketing technique has core benefits like-

Generate more revenue

Share exclusive offers of your store to loyal customers who want to do more business with you!

Build stronger relationships

Texting is the personal form of communication when you connect with them in this familiar way your business or enterprise become more trusted into their eyes.

Immediate delivery

SMS can be reached directly to mobile phones in just a few seconds once it gets sent from the server. This is beneficial for those who want to run time-sensitive campaigns because such promotional campaigns demand immediate action and texting helps them.

Better conversion rates

Conversion rates for texting are higher than regular emails. The campaigns are budget-friendly that is why its success rates make it a valuable tool for the marketing success of any business.

Convert Leads

Get better lead conversions for your business. Customers are likely to be a response if the SMS content is valuable and useful. And when they like it they will make the purchase from your store.

So, these are the reasons why mass texting is a great tool for businesses. You can begin with SMS marketing either through API or online interface choice & comfort is yours! Developers can use ready to use sample codes of programmable APIs like Java, C#, Php, Vb6.0 to make seamless integration.

Now, its time to win over your other competitors by availing these smart form of technology.

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Janhvi Neema
Janhvi Neema
Hello, I am Janhvi Neema a senior content writer at MsgClub who is the leading Bulk SMS Company in India. We are helping individuals and small to enterprise level companies by providing smart solutions such as bulk SMS, voice call SMS, smart mobile marketing tools and many more solutions. For any query or business partnership you can contact us at


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