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Tips For Buying New Bedroom Furniture

HomeWellnessTips For Buying New Bedroom Furniture

When picking out your bedroom set, take the time to consider the style you prefer, as well as the storage requirements you might need. Typically, master bedroom sets include five pieces so you can knock out your entire room in one fell swoop.

3 Design Aspects to Look for in Your New Bedroom Furniture

When shopping for a new furniture set for your bedroom, take a moment to consider the following:

Rustic Tradition

Bedroom sets that combine classic lines with rustic finishes evoke an unexpected blend of modernity and tradition. Deep wood tones add warmth, welcoming you into your master bedroom at any time during the day. Examples of intricate wood detailing include a parquet headboard design or diagonal slats and plating. Some sets include beveled drawers for a unique flair.

You’ll be amazed by the solid craftsmanship and smooth wood finishes in some pieces. Furniture stores often offer a variety of tones, from reddish brown to light gray. Depending on the style you choose, your room can become as traditional or as rustic as you desire.

Modern Twist

Are you an advocate for clean lines and bold shapes? Transform your bedroom into the modern space you always envisioned by selecting a more contemporary design. You can achieve stunning contrast by choosing deep, black finishes and setting them against a pale-toned backdrop of light paint. With geometric layouts and intriguing angles, classic wood finishes become modern in our master bedroom sets.

You’ll commonly find selections that include chrome and metal hardware for a stylish pop against wood dressers and nightstands. Some sets may even incorporate these shiny accents into the headboard and footboard with a subtle touch of finesse. For those who prefer going for gold, there are sets that accommodate the luxurious taste in anyone.

Functional Design

A good bedroom set should do more than just look good. Look for collections that offer functional features that will help organize your life and add some convenience to your routine. If you’re in need of extra hidden storage, buy one with footboards with drawers built right in. Beds with higher elevation enable you to slide your storage bins underneath, so they’re tucked away until you need them.

If you’re a book lover, there are many choices that include shelving in the headboard. You can display your favorite novels or books of poetry with style. To enhance your built-in library, you could even place small accent pieces on your shelves to personalize your bed even more. If storage isn’t what you need, our padded and upholstered headboards add comfort for those like to lounge in bed.


If you need help with pickout out new furniture for your sleeping area in the Houston area, stop by Supernova Furniture. We have three conveniently located showrooms located throughout the city with experienced sales professionals who will work for you. If you need help matching your furniture with your existing decor or color scheme, we can help. If you need help matching up with existing furniture, we have something in store for you.

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If you’re shopping for bedroom furniture in Houston, stop by one of Supernova’s three locations for great deals and tons of options.

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