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15 questions that show your school has good customer service

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In order to establish a great process for the customer service department at school one has to fit in a lot of components which can help the school achieve its goals and also help the parents get the most out of the customer service skills of the representative. Let us look at the 15 questions that one needs to ask and check before and after establishing a customer loyalty cell at school.

1. Do the customer service representatives have the required skills?

In order to understand and communicate with people, as part of a job, one needs to have great customer service skills and that involves good language skills, a pleasant personality and a calm demeanor.

2.Are the staff trained?

No matter how good the personality or how pleasant the demeanor of the person is, one needs to make sure that there is enough training given the customer service representative. This is because there are many facets which are involved in running the customer service department and those will never be taken seriously if proper training is not delivered to the customer service representative.

3.Has the customer service representative been taught to report about activities on a daily basis?

Documenting is very important when it comes to customer service and in order to achieve this the customer service representative has to document activities on a daily basis. This can help future stakeholders and set forth a process, which is of primary importance.

4.Does the customer service representative know what the school stands for

The customer service representative is the face of the school. When a new parent walks in to understand what the school is all about, they meet the representative first and is hand held through the various facets of the school. Hence it is very important that the customer service representative is in alignment of the motto and the essence of the school theme.

5.Does the customer service representative have all the information related to the school?

Parents might have many questions pertaining to the school and they can be very vast and sometimes very obscure too. The customer service representative must have all the knowledge related to the school and should have a handbook ready for any questions that might be obscure or uncommon.

6.Does the customer service representative know about backlogs related to the cell

Every department whether small or big has backlogs and unfinished tasks the school should make sure that the customer service department and the customer service representative is aware of all the backlogs and works on finishing all the unfinished tasks.

7.Is she a team player

Like every working professional, the customer service representative too needs to be a team player and should be able to gel and work with the members of the school in a professional and healthy manner.

8.Has she been introduced to the core team and teachers of the school

One of the most primary duties of the school is to introduce each and every member of the academic team and the operations team to the customer service representative, this will facilitate her job and she will feel at ease with the role that she is handling.

9.Have all her doubts been removed regarding some basic questions related to the school

Every new person has doubts regarding the role that he or she is about to step into and some basic questions need to be answered before she takes on a job on a full scale. This is important as there are many basic questions that should be answered and explained to the customer service representative first before she takes over her job.

10.Does she fit the role

It is important for the stake holders to assess whether or not the customer service representative fits the role. Does she have the qualities which will help her settle in her role swiftly and quickly.

11.What are her goals as part of her job

It is important that the customer service representative has goals regarding the job that he or she is going to take over. In fact that every working profession envisions some or the other goals regarding the job that she is doing.

12.Has the school heard her suggestions and improvement regarding her job?

It is possible that she might have some suggestions or improvements regarding the job that she is going to take over. It is of utmost importance that her suggestions and improvements are heard and worked upon.

Some other questions which can help make a great customer service personnel and department are as follows:-

13.Has she been given all the necessary information pertaining to the school?

14.Have all her credentials mentioned in the pamphlets etc going out to parents?

15.Is she accessible during the working hours?

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