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    What is an advertising agency?

    Advertising agencies are independent running organizations providing specialized services in the field of advertising and marketing. It is a major component of the advertisement industry. Advertisement agencies provide a wide range of services to its advertiser ranging from idea conception to final printing of advertising. These agencies have a team of experts from relevant fields who create, plans and monitor all marketing activities of their clients.

    Experts of advertising agencies perform a detailed research about the company and its products to formulate effective marketing plans for reaching out to the target audience. It plays an important role in increasing sales of a company by attracting the masses and providing key information regarding people’s response from time to time. In addition to marketing services, these agencies also provide creative and advisory services for their clients. They charge some amount from their customers in return for their professional marketing services.

    Types of Advertising Agencies:

    1.Full Service Advertising Agencies

    These kind advertisement agencies offer a comprehensive range of promotional services to their clients from start to end. It provides a full range of advertisement services. These agencies are of medium or large size and are capable of running complete marketing campaigns such as T.V. advertisements, radio commercials, print advertising, content creation, social media management, campaign management, search engine optimization and strategic planning.

    2.Traditional Agencies

    Traditional agencies are agencies that use traditional techniques for carrying out marketing campaigns. They do not use new or digital platforms for doing advertisement but are focused on traditional techniques like newspaper, radio, television billboard advertisements and magazines. These types of agencies are most helpful for companies willing to advertise at a local level.

    3.Social Media Agencies

    These advertisement agencies entirely use social media tools and platforms for performing advertisement campaigns. Social media agency consists of content creators and ads optimizers that focus on getting maximum results out of social channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. These agencies put more effort into making content more interesting that leads in engaging mass audiences.

    4.Creative Boutique

    Creative boutiques are such advertisement agencies that specializes in designing appropriate designs and graphics for brands. These agencies design brand logos, letterheads, business cards, billboards and print marketing. They do not provide any other services except designing of advertisement ads.

    5.Media Buying Agency

    Media buying agencies deal with buying advertisement places and selling it to advertisers. They formulate all media related plans and monitor all advertisement activities for getting better results. It ensures that all ads are displayed at specific and useful locations and for a proper time frame within the recommended budget.

    Structure of Advertising Agency:

    1.Account Department

    This department deals directly with clients of agencies and focuses on strengthening their relationship with them. People working in this department assist customers in deciding their proper marketing activities and do all sorts of negotiations with them for entering into a contract for carrying out an advertisement.

    2.Marketing Services Department

    Marketing service departments acquire necessary market information for designing effective ads and promotional messages. It performs research and surveys for knowing the attitudes of peoples and competition rate in the market. This department assists in finding out the most suitable medium for carrying out the advertisement campaigns.

    3.Creative Department

    Creative department is concerned with appropriate designing of commercial ads and promotional messages to be used in marketing campaigns as per the requirements. These people develop and create ideas and then those ideas physical shape using modern techniques and tools.

    4.Media Planning Department

    Media planning department looks for a proper medium or a combination for running advertisement campaigns for their clients. This department focuses mainly on choosing the best advertising media on behalf of their customers.

    5.Internal Services Department

    The Internal service department brings coordination in between distinct departments of the agency for successful completion of the advertising process. It aims at strengthening the relations with internal employees for ensuring continuity and avoiding disputes.

    6.Client Services Department

    Client service department is a kind of unique department mostly found in large advertising agencies. This department offers promotional services to their customers other than the marketing ads. This department assists their clients in business promotion by arranging public relations campaigns, organizing exhibitions and performing research on their product demands.

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