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Creating a Culture of Learning

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People stay in a company if they see the road ahead for them is all full of potential. If you put it in numbers 94% of employees will like to stick around if they see viable career growth in a company and 54% of them would learn more if their manager suggests them a course. Managers are becoming mentors and it is time for talent managers to strategize to create a synergy between the management and the employees.

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The TMI Learning and Development Infographic for 2019 talks all about instilling a culture of learning the organization. The facts pointed out there usher global talent managers to push managers to evolve into mentors. Companies want their employees to spend some more time on learning initiatives. Upskilling becomes important as the general jobs lean towards strategizing and creativity from routine tasks. The skill gap in a tight labor market will need current employees to up their ante when it comes to skills. A manager that understands this need will go forward and help the employees to take time out for learning sessions.

The task of talent management professionals from here on is to be the sentinels of learning culture in an organization. Aligning learning to promotions and growth path is an initiative that 54% managers see as a reason to be more encouraging about employee learning. Creating a learning based growth path might be your answer to creating a motivated workforce.

The scope of talent management is broader than ever. Professionals in this field must understand the importance of making learning a daily habit than just an on-off seminar session. Understand how learning will act as a catalyst to fuel organizational growth with the TMI infographic for 2019.

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