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9 Defective Home Building Spots and How to Improve Them

HomeEducational9 Defective Home Building Spots and How to Improve Them

Home renovations are planned to improve how your house looks. So when expectations are not met, it becomes a disaster. But, don’t worry, you can still repair and improve any building defects after finding them. You just have to find the right person to fix them.

Here are some common building defects and what can you do on these.

1.Parts of home extension seems to improperly installed

This happens when there are there parts of the renovation that seems to be incorrectly installed, affecting its structure. It could be a misplaced part, or work has not been executed correctly that carelessness was involved.

What can you do: See which contractor was responsible for the part of the renovation with wrongly installed parts. Talk to them about how you can fix it and if warranties or insurance covers it.

A renovation was made with low-quality materials

This happens when everything seems so alright on the outside but little by little, it starts to fall apart. This could be because you have used low-quality materials during the construction phase. is a website having modular steel formwork systems that are designed in compliance with the highest safety standards.

And using low-quality materials cannot become helpful in the long run because it’s not durable enough for your home. Are you looking for how to install siding to keep the costs of the household down and the concern to improve energy efficiency?

What can you do: Let your supplier know about this. They should be responsible for making fixes because their product does not match your standards. Talk about whether they can replace it with better materials or any other solution that can help prevent further damage.

Leaking Roofs

If there’s anything leaking in your house, there is something wrong. It may be an issue on your waterproofing or with plumbing. Either way, you must find a solution for it before the leaks can cause a flood inside your house.

What can you do: Consult your builder’s plumber or your roof contractor immediately. They are responsible to fix it if the defect was caused by carelessness. You and your inspector must know where all the leaks are.

Is your roof is in need of repairs  check us out here to get them fixed smartly.

Faulty Electrical Wiring

When the renovated part of the house look so enticing but it won’t just light up, then there might be a few loose wires there. Electrical works are crucial in making a house livable, so you must attend to this problem as soon as possible.

What can you do: Inspect which part of the wiring has the problem and consult your builder and electrical contractor about it. Also, these fixes should still be under warranty or insurance if it is just recently built.

Wall Issues

Wall cracks on a newly built wall will make you raise some questions. It is not supposed to work that way.. Your walls should be able to withstand changing climate conditions, especially with your external walls.

What can you do: You have to report these to your wall contractor to have them fixed. They must be able to figure out to improve the durability of their walls since of course, you trusted them on it. But anyone who worked closely with the wall can be suspect so still seek advice from an inspector.

Concrete Spalling

Concrete spalling is a natural or chemical reaction that could happen to your house’s concrete structures when it deteriorates. Since it may affect the quality of your concrete structures, you must wary of this when it happens. Concrete Scanning experts have the latest in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology designed specifically for the x-ray imaging of concrete slabs or structures.

What can you do: Consult your builder on this. This instance may be caused by various things so you have to discuss who should be the one responsible to fix the affected structures. It could be your wall contractor, your supplier or any contractor who fails to watch out for the walls.

The Renovation Didn’t Look as Planned

It can be either the contractors did not follow the design well or the design itself is problematic when executed. It can be disappointing, but you have to talk it through calmly with all parties involved. Contreat offers you the convenience of supplying your needs from beginning of the project to the final finished floor.

What can you do: If the problem is in the planning phase, your architects and designers should be accountable for it. But if it’s the execution that caused the problem, then your builder should do something to improve the finished structure. 

Water Leaks and Water Seepage Problem

The common causes of water seepage include leakages in the drainage pipe and water supply pipes; deteriorated waterproofing of floor slabs or bath-tub seals; and seepage of wastewater or rainwater through the roof. Water seepage can be easily repaired through building technician or licensed plumber. But when it is neglected, it can affect the appearance of your walls.

Water leaks are easy to fix. You just need some time to find where the leaks are coming from. However, this defect can greatly affect the lives of the people as it concerns water. Remember, water is life!

What can you do: If you are having problems with water leaks, these steps might help you fix your pipes temporarily.

Step 1: Turn off the valve that controls water flow to the damaged pipe.

Step 2: Apply a pipe repair clamp. Put the rubber sleeve in the centre over the leak in the pipe and then, bolt the two-part clamp in place over the sleeve. Or you can just wrap the bursting pipe part with a strip of rubber.

Step 3: You better call a plumber near you.

Other Problems

Building defects are not limited to the above problems. A building defects inspector may even help you discover building defects before it can cause you further trouble.

You can always talk to the parties involved whenever you have a concern on a certain part of the structure. But if it becomes difficult to talk to your builder, contractor or supplier, then you must consult a construction lawyer.

They can help you look over your situation and guide you whenever you need to undergo any legal process that can help you resolve your problem. They can give pretty solid construction legal advice.

So that when you spot any building defect while undergoing home improvement, you can count on good communication, a building defects inspector, and a good construction lawyer as a backup.

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John Dela Cruz
John Dela Cruz
John Dela Cruz is the Principal Lawyer of Contracts Specialist Solicitors and Attorneys. As a construction lawyer based in Sydney, he gives expert legal advice to homeowners experiencing building issues, especially with their problematic renovations.


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