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Why Sri Lanka tour packages have an edge over a self-planned vacays!

HomeWellnessWhy Sri Lanka tour packages have an edge over a self-planned vacays!

Sri Lanka is an amazing holiday destination – pristine beaches, beautiful forests, amazing cuisine and the list could go on. So, if you’re planning a trip to the pearl of the orient, you are indeed in for a treat. However, you’ll have to make one very important decision; should you plan the trip yourself or book a Sri Lanka Tour package instead? Well, we vote tour packages and we will give you 5 good reasons it is a better idea than a self-planned trip. Hopefully, this will help you make the right choice when planning your vacation.

1). No need to figure out the flights.

Airfares to this island nation can be quite high. In a bid to avoid paying so much, many travellers first make their way to Chennai as Chennai to Colombo flights are generally more affordable. However, this can become a logistics nightmare – something you don’t have to endure when you book yourself a Sri Lanka tour package. These packages usually include flights and since the tour operator will have tie-ups with certain airlines, they are able to get better savings – the benefits of which are passed on to you in the form of budget-friendly tour packages.

2). The accommodation conundrum.

After flights, the next most time-consuming process of a self-planned trip is finding the right places to stay. You need to first hotels that fit your budget. Then you need to look at reviews and rating. The hotels you choose should also be centrally & conveniently located. If you’ve never travelled to Sri Lanka before, it will be difficult to make confident decisions. However, when you book a Sri Lanka tour package, the hotels will be included.

3). Tricky transfers are taken care of.

Once you land in Sri Lanka, you need to make it to the hotel. Once you’ve freshened up, you need to make your way to all the attractions and activities you have planned. You could do so by taking taxis or booking some sort of conveyance. However, there is always a chance you will get cheated or made to pay more than what you have to, the worst part is that you might do so unknowingly.

However, you have peace of mind from this aspect if you opt to book a Sri Lanka tour package. This is because these packages come with internal transfer booked, you just need to be at the pick-up points at the right time and there’ll be someone waiting for you.


Besides the tour packages, travel companies will also offer Sri Lanka visa services. If you book the tour package, they should offer their visa services at a discounted price, especially if you’re travelling with family or friends. They will help you fill the form correctly and ensure you submit your application properly to ensure maximum chances of approval. This is a very helpful service as visa formalities can be quite confusing, especially if you’re travelling for the first time.

There are numerous other reasons why Sri Lanka tour packages are a better idea than creating your own itinerary. We hope this helps you choose between the two options confidently and ensures you have a smooth & enjoyable experience in Sri Lanka.

PS: The author is associated with Akbar Travels.

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Shakir Shaikh
Shakir Shaikh
Hi, I am Shakir Shaikh working with Akbar Travels. Akbar Travels is one of India's leading travel companies. It gives you an easy way to tackle all your travel needs - be it flight bookings, hotel booking, car & bus rentals, FOREX or Holiday Packages. Get all your travel needs with the utmost comfort and convenience at the best possible cost. So if it's travel on your mind, all you need is Akbar Travels.


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