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    A few years ago, before the mobile revolution took place, establishing a business was considered a very tough and strenuous task. That time, the term business denotes a huge setup backed by large capital assets and resources employed. Today, with the expansion of the internet and mobile phones,

    doing business has become the cup of tea for almost everyone. Unlike before, no huge capital employed is required to conduct business operations today. For example, one doesn’t need to own godown or warehouse to become a seller today. He/she can sell their products online without any considerable hassle. If we talk about growing a small business, earlier, the marketing strategies were complex and intricate. With the world going digital today, an SMS marketing campaign via SMPP Server is an important tool to disseminate your business message to the audience at large and to help your business grow.

    Establish en rapport (special bond) with your customers ::

    The small business must start with identifying the needs of the customers. Once it identifies that what customers exactly wants or what they expect, a sound marketing strategy can be prepared. In today’s cut-throat competition, to grab the interest of customers is the need of the hour. The marketing content should be specific and tailored to the need of the target audience. The object here is to establish en rapport, a special bond with them in order to convert them to our loyal permanent customers.

    With more than 98% open rate, bulk message service has proven to be the best tool to send business offers and information to the public at large. The personalized feature of message marketing enables you to send personalized messages to your diversified prospects/customers. Along with various offers, discounts and other promotional messages, personal birthday or anniversary messages can also be sent through personalized messages. Such practice creates values of the brand and gives your audience a personal touch in favor of the brand.

    Building long-lasting customer relationship strengthens brand equity::

    Be it a small business or a capital intensive business, operations are carried on the principle of going concern. Equity is invested in business keeping long term sustenance of business affairs in view. Such sustenance can be achieved profitably if the business has focused on building long-term customer relationships.
    Text message can be a great tool to fulfill such purposes. The multi-utility tool enables you to constantly reach out to the customers and ensure that their customer experience is positive and delightful. Customers love being treated specially and an effective text message campaign can be an effective tool to build long-lasting customer relationships.

    Increase customer awareness ::

    Sometimes it becomes difficult for a small business to grab the attention of the audience. Due to limited resources and lack of knowledge to penetrate the market, they find it difficult to disseminate their business information to the public. To fill this gap, SMS can be a very effective tool to make your target audience aware. SMS is certainly one of the most effective channels to send targeted and relevant messages to your customers/clients about your growing brand. It can be a great tool not only in peak season but in the offseason too. During the off-season, you can offer tailored schemes to your customers to increase off-season sales. Such schemes & discount offers can be disseminated easily and effectively via SMPP Service.

    Ideal practices to be followed for effective results ::

    To gain maximum benefits out of your SMS campaign, make sure that you are covering the following important points in your campaign:

    1. Timing is important:

    SMS ensures immediate delivery of the information and hence the time you are choosing to send your message is of utmost importance. Messages are likely to be opened within the first three seconds so the timing of hitting the messages should be sent on time when the target audience is available to take the decision. For example, a restaurant will send the messages in the late afternoon for today’s evening special. Similarly, a barber will send SMS in Saturday’s night for his offers because most of the people prefer Sunday to take the services of the barber.

    2. Be precise and to the point:

    Make sure that your message is to the point and tailored to the need of the audience. Always remember that your audience is already carried with a lot of stuff to read both offline and online. To make yourself distinct and to encourage the public to read your message, be short and precise in your message content.

    3. Call to action is the need:

    Your audience must know what to do after reading your message. There must be a suitable platform for the public to respond to the message. Such a platform is the call to action. Only after enabling the call to action mode, your communication process will be completed.

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