What should you know before renting?

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    Once we have become the common person that has found a rental home at a reasonable price, there are a number of factors that we must take into account so that our experience as tenants is as placid as possible. Here are some tips to avoid the most typical mistakes when renting.
    The ‘boom’ in the price of rentals has made many people a real headache to find a rental that meets all their wishes. For those lucky people who find the ideal home, difficulties can also arise afterwards.

    Conflicts between landlord and tenant or doubts when managing the maintenance of housing, for example, could be avoided by having some concepts clear long before we start looking for rent. For all this, we tell you where the most common mistakes in the rental are. Avoid dislikes! Check this for better understanding.

    Review the lease contract well

    First of all, write and review a written contract. It is not legally valid to reach verbal agreements with the owner or agency if they are not reflected in a document. What should appear in the rental agreement?

    • What is leased, specifying the annexes (if we additionally rent or not a storage room, a garage, etc.) and adding an inventory of the furniture.
    • For how long, with the duration of the contract, the possibility of renewal or extension and the minimum duration.
    • How much it costs, the rental price, the expenses that it includes and how the rent update is done.
    • How to pay, that is, the payment method and what measures would be taken in the absence of it.
    • What are the conditions of use, whether or not we can make modifications to the home such as works, decoration changes, painting, etc.?

    Do not accept bonds or excessive commissions

    As a general rule, the bond should not exceed the amount equivalent to three months of the rent: that is, the legal month of bail set in the Urban Leases Act (LAU), plus the extra cost that the owner has decided to add to the bond, as an additional guarantee. The LAU also states that it must be deposited in cash and must be returned at the end of the contract.

    It is not yet stipulated who should pay the commissions and this expense changes hands according to the province.

    Separate chapter need the agency commissions that are usually included in the ads on the main rental portals. Although logic dictates that it must be the owner who pays agency fees, the truth is that, in many cases, it is a charge attributed to the tenant incorporating it as part of the deposit.
    Currently, there is no law that defines who should assume this commission and these changes from one city to another

    Check the floor condition in detail

    The day we are going to visit our future apartment for rent, there are several elements that we must carefully review so as not to get a bad surprise once we are already installed. First of all, you should check that the locks are in perfect condition, as well as that the doors and windows work correctly. Next, check that the walls do not have moisture, cracks or other imperfections. Do the same with the floors.

    On the other hand, in the bathrooms you have to pay special attention to the pressure of the water, both in cold and hot water, as well as that everything is well sealed to avoid leaks. In the kitchen, meanwhile, we must check the hob or the stove, appliances and ventilation of the space. Finally, check the power grid, including plugs, lamps and sockets.

    The trend in recent years indicates that more and more people are betting on rent instead of buying. In a booming market, especially in large cities, and with a demand that has increased exponentially, the problems arising from the rental of homes are the order of the day. However, if you are well informed and take into account errors when renting more typical, you can enjoy your rental home without worries.

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